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They see her as road-kill, the younger California Democrats hovering over longtime Democratic U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein this month just before and just after she... [Read More]
Like zero emission electric and hydrogen cars, 100 percent renewable energy is an idea whose time has plainly come, no matter what the owners and... [Read More]
California has long had far less influence in choosing America's presidents than it should, principally because it has had virtually no role in vetting nominees... [Read More]
The only time California ceded control of its power supply to out-of-state interests, it produced utter disaster: an electricity crunch that saw blackouts and brownouts... [Read More]
The one bill passed this session with the most potential to improve this state's politics is the long-sought "Disclose Act," which – if Gov. Brown... [Read More]
Few California administrations have been plagued with as much corruption as Gov. Jerry Brown's current governing cadre, with well-documented, possibly illegal manipulations by several major... [Read More]
As long as Trump's base agrees with him that science means less than their own opinions, he will only take advantage of expertise that's convenient... [Read More]
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