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Astronomers have put NASA's Hubble Space Telescope on an Indiana Jones-type quest to uncover an ancient "relic galaxy" in our own cosmic backyard. [Read More]
Quotation of the Day for Monday, September 24, 2018. [Read More]
Procter & Gamble's "The Talk" won Ad of the Year at the 12th Annual AdColor Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. [Read More]
In early September, a number of media outlets reported that the UK had dispatched a nuclear-powered submarine carrying cruise missiles capable of hitting ground targets,... [Read More]
У водах Нігерії пірати викрали з німецького контейнерного судна шістьох членів екіпажу, серед них був українець. Цю інформацію BBC Україна підтвердив представник Департаменту консульської служби... [Read More]
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Сомалійські пірати захопили вантажне судно, що належить Індії, біля берегів самопроголошеного автономного регіону Пунтленд. Інформації про екіпаж і місцезнаходження судна наразі немає. [Read More]
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Швейні голки, які зловмисники підкладали всередину полуниць, вже тиждень лякають жителів Австралії. Тепер небезпечні фрукти виявили у Новій Зеландії. [Read More]
The moment shows the gulf that has emerged between the parties as they navigate America's cultural reckoning on sexual assault. [Read More]
This money pro put down roots where the cost of living is low. [Read More]
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Throughout Sunday night's loss, there were subtle hints—Brady tossing his helmet at the bench, Gronkowski addressing trade rumors—that New England isn't impentrable. The issue isn't... [Read More]
Image 2 of 24 from gallery of Summer Houses / AKVS architecture. Photograph by Relja Ivanić... [Read More]
The Internal Revenue Service is ending its program allowing American tax cheats with secret offshore accounts to confess them and avoid prison, but the bad... [Read More]
With a large number of customers coming out for the store debut of Apple's new iPhones on Friday, the Wall Street Journal's Tripp Mickle explains... [Read More]
The economic cost of Hurricane Florence. The Fed's two-day meeting and the final reading on second-quarter GDP highlight the week's economic calendar. Tanya Bustos reports. [Read More]
A.M. Edition for September 24: The economic week is busy with reports on inflation, consumer confidence and home sales. But the key event to watch... [Read More]
Barrick Gold (ABX) agrees to acquire Randgold Resources (GOLD) in a share-for-share deal that would create an $18.3B gold mining giant. Under the deal term... [Read More]
The Right Livelihood Award... [Read More]
I've been seeing this guy for almost 5 months... [Read More]
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ITV's reality show Survival of the Fittest - nicknamed the 'winter Love Island' - has been axed after just one series. An ITV spokesperson has... [Read More]
The Apprentice 2018 contestants include a tree surgeon and a tax inspector, according to Karren Brady, who's been sharing a little bit of info about... [Read More]
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