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It was held at the home of a Diamondbacks part-owner. [Read More]
The number of people with legal documents detailing how they want to die remains low, suggesting talk of death is still largely taboo. [Read More]
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The state GOP had its worst fundraising quarter in 18 years as Kelli Ward took the helm. [Read More]
National Journal is a research and advisory services company based in Washington, D.C. offering services in government affairs. [Read More]
Experts say the Trump administration's proposal to collect the social-media accounts of millions of visa applicants points to the creation of new algorithms to scan... [Read More]
Smith, who garnered publiclity fighting against Gov. John Hickenlooper's gun control measures in 2013, is the latest local official to mull a GOP Senate run... [Read More]
By thumbing his nose at Israel as he leaves office, the president shows he didn't learn anything from this year's election. [Read More]
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The good, the bad, and the ugly from new research that suggests the way political parties perceive who's behind them and who's not can affect... [Read More]
Comer suggested dissatisfied Republicans may vote for a Democrat over Bevin. [Read More]
The White House is paying particular attention to Florida, with 2020 in mind. [Read More]
His move was praised by Altria Group, which makes Marlboro cigarettes and holds a large stake in Juul vaping devices. [Read More]
Republican leadership is increasingly bullish on growing their Senate majority. [Read More]
He said Louisiana needs to stop losing oil and gas jobs to Texas. [Read More]
In honor of Mother's Day, we take a look at the women who raised our nation's leaders. [Read More]
Trump told donors he's aiming for 60 Senate seats. [Read More]
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The Senate could deliver a striking rebuke to the Trump administration, but the measure would likely have little practical impact on U.S. involvement in the... [Read More]
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The primary is set for April 30. [Read More]
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Brian Schweitzer is a one-man challenge to the scripted nature of modern politics. But just how much can you run your mouth while running for... [Read More]
Redistricting could boost Democrats in Congress, but it would likely cost minorities some of their safe seats. [Read More]
The party won in 2018 after focusing on issues other than the Russian investigation. [Read More]
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