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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
The officer joked in a Twitter post that the animal usually pays the toll but "today she was a buck short." [Read More]
Taylor Swift set a record for most YouTube streams in a 24-hour period, generating 43.2 million views of her video "Look What You Made Me... [Read More]
President Donald Trump and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott praised their staffs and projected an upbeat tone at the start of their briefing on Hurricane Harvey."This... [Read More]
"And you still putting the microphone in my face!" [Read More]
President Donald Trump and First …... [Read More]
In the future, there may no longer be a need to tip the pizza-delivery guy. Of course, you may have to work out how to... [Read More]
If there was any doubt whether states other than Florida have to contend with giant gators, that was answered emphatically on Monday. [Read More]
It's time for U.S. to recognize that attempts to denuclearize North Korea have failed. The game is now containment... [Read More]
In event of an extended power outage following severe weather, having a generator at home can be a huge advantage. But if used improperly, the... [Read More]
Fallen power lines led to problems at a North Carolina airport and left more than 100 surrounding businesses in the dark. The News & Record... [Read More]
Tropical Storm Harvey flooded several parts of southwestern Louisiana after the storm made landfall in southwestern Texas on Aug. 25, 2017. [Read More]
"Overflow is bad, but if the levees break, downtown Houston will be wiped out. This is incredible. The fourth largest city in this country is... [Read More]
"Can't blame them for that! Hope they don't get a BWI...God bless them all." "They probably all needed a little something to warm the body,... [Read More]
"He forgot to mention that Houston is also the biggest trafficker in the sex slave trade. Illegal immigrant females kidnapped in Mexico and smuggled into... [Read More]
"The right thing to do, but I do hope the 'rescued' don't trash the place like the vermin in the Astrodome did." [Read More]
"Maybe that is genuine. God knows the government is a bloated toady." "Since Trump's transportation costs will probably exceed $ 100 million annually... [Read More]
In a sign of support for Texas, President Donald Trump waved the Texas flag after a speech in Corpus Christi, where he's touring Hurricane Harvey... [Read More]
Authorities say a missing North Dakota woman whose body was found in the Red River had been violently killed. [Read More]
What are critics saying about PS4/PC's unique martial arts game? [Read More]
'I mean, sometimes innocent people pay the price...'... [Read More]
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