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Nebraska Task Force 1 was again activated on Thursday evening to go to Florida and assist in rescuing people from Hurricane Irma, which is bearing... [Read More]
Nebraska Task Force 1, which returned Tuesday from Texas, has been activated and will head to Florida to provide support as the state prepares for... [Read More]
Thursday evening, Nebraska Task Force One was activated to respond to Florida ahead of Hurricane Irma. [Read More]
Members Nebraska's search and rescue team are waiting to hear whether or not they'll be needed in Florida... [Read More]
Camila Orti reports. [Read More]
Friends and family greeted members of the Urban Search and Rescue Nebraska Task Force 1 upon the force's return to Lincoln. The task force members... [Read More]
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Taylor Barth reports. [Read More]
Nebraska Task Force 1 is back in Nebraska after spending nearly two weeks in Texas helping flood victims. The 80 member team was met... [Read More]
When 10-year-old Briella McLaughlin and her younger brother Major woke up a week and a half ago, their dad was gone. [Read More]
Dozens of Nebraska families are a little more complete tonight, their firefighters back home after spending the last week and a half saving lives in... [Read More]
Interview with a leader of Nebraska Task Force 1's Roger Bonin. [Read More]
Nebraska Task Force One, which was involved in hundreds of rescue operations while in Texas, returned home. [Read More]
The Nebraska Task Force 1 comes homes Tuesday after spending 10 days in Texas. [Read More]
Members of a Nebraska search and rescue team deployed to help victims of Hurricane Harvey are expected to return to Lincoln today about 5:30 p.m. [Read More]
Members of a Nebraska search and rescue team deployed to help victims of Hurricane Harvey has returned to Lincoln. [Read More]
Nebraska Task Force 1 is starting to demobilize after a week and a half in Texas helping flood victims. [Read More] Channel 8 Eyewitness News, Lincoln Nebraska, Nebraska Weather... [Read More]
The 80 Nebraska firefighters and civilians who rescued people and animals in the wake of Hurricane Harvey are headed home — unless they're called to... [Read More]
Nebraska Task Force One's mission in Houston is complete. The group's next destination is Lincoln, Nebraska. [Read More]
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