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Her new track shows you how she came to be who she is. [Read More]
He got the 65,000 donors necessary to get an invite. [Read More]
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According to Rowling, Dumbledore calls his hole "the chamber of secrets." [Read More]
Police are investigating, though they aren't calling the attack as a hate crime. [Read More]
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The actor reveals his role on "Now Apocalypse" is his most sexually intense. [Read More]
The creator behind @dykeanotherday pays homage to the late lesbian reflecting on Hammer's life, art, and legacy. [Read More]
The 'Girls' star says the abuse started during a confession. [Read More]
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's response differs greatly from that of American lawmakers, who have failed to pass substantive gun control laws for decades. [Read More]
The designs, created in collaboration with a 20-year-old, actually give back to the queer community. [Read More]
Giving the gays everything they want, I see. [Read More]
Ava Berkofsky's lens captures Black and brown bodies in all their beauty. [Read More]
"I will end this ridiculous, insulting, un-American ban on transgender Americans serving in the military." [Read More]
His work depicts a complicated relationship some queer men have with masculinity. [Read More]
And me, I'm also shook. [Read More]
Art director Sean Santiago finds beauty in a process that is a daily reminder of masculinity. [Read More]
Model and activist Yves Mathieu helps us confront the stigma around tattooed bodies — especially brown ones. [Read More]
Author and witch Michelle Tea believes magic is for everyone! Here are two spells to help you feel more beautiful. [Read More]
That's one way to hold bigots accountable! [Read More]
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After the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, gay mayor Pete Buttigieg penned a letter to his city's Muslim community as they gathered for prayers on... [Read More]
To capture some interesting angles! [Read More]
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