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The California Highway Patrol has recovered millions of dollars worth of heavy-duty construction machinery and tools that were stolen from victims of the Camp Fire. [Read More]
The construction industry is worried the devastation from the fires could burn into California's already tight housing market. [Read More]
Veterans in Colorado are packing donations that they will soon deliver to the victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise, California. F... [Read More]
For California-based producer and DJ, Jeffrey Paradise, the easy breezy sounds of Poolside have much more nuanced influences than fans might initially hear. With a... [Read More]
We all know coastal California is a surfer's paradise. But now there's a move to make surfing California's official sport. Local and state leaders gathered... [Read More]
Known for living in a laid-back paradise, Hawaiians showed just how quickly they can move when a hepatitis A outbreak arrived in late June of... [Read More]
Now that one of the nation's largest cannabis companies has bought the entire California desert town of Nipton, a question remains: Will the new owners... [Read More]
One of the nation's largest cannabis companies bought the entire California desert town of Nipton and they have some plans for it. ... [Read More]
(Credit: William Short) Located in the heart of the Southland, Orange County is just a short drive from plenty of spectacular day trips that are... [Read More]
There is outrage in California after prosecutors announced that they will not charge an officer for shooting a man trying to get out of a... [Read More]
Winky and Wanda explore new surroundings at 45-acre Ark 2000 elephant sanctuary in California. [Read More]
A funeral home in Michigan is letting mourners pay their final respects from the convenience of their cars. Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw, Michigan, has... [Read More]
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