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"Mr. Trump, you're here for what?" Ellis asked the court after he finished instructing jurors on their deliberations in Manafort's case and as he turned... [Read More]
The former Trump campaign chairman has pleaded not guilty to 18 counts of tax and bank fraud. [Read More]
Taxing Tesla... [Read More]
Senate postal hearing plans... [Read More]
U.S., Mexico keep crunching the details on NAFTA 2.0 — A week's worth of China tariff hearings... [Read More]
Aviation industry grows impatient — Congress still quiet on Horizon Air incident... [Read More]
Labor-H funding debate begins... [Read More]
First confirmed hack of midterm campaign — DHS tests election security prep... [Read More]
More questions than answers over ERS decision... [Read More]
White House objects to a second LCS — Trump pulls Brennan's security clearance... [Read More]
Senate begins debate on 'minibus' — Education Department launches FAFSA app... [Read More]
Research roundup... [Read More]
Judge orders update of Keystone XL study — States' rights get tricky over water... [Read More]
Inside the CLF's advertising barrage — CA-48's Keirstead was target of hacking attack during primary... [Read More]
DACA backers won't oppose delayed restart — Worker productivity picks up... [Read More]
More than 350 news outlets published editorials Thursday denouncing the president's threats against the press. [Read More]
In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump placed blame on Brennan for the ongoing Russia investigation, now overseen by special counsel Robert Mueller,... [Read More]
"Mr. Trump clearly has become more desperate to protect himself and those close to him," Brennan said. [Read More]
Is big not so bad? — Dems urge Mulvaney to protect military borrowers... [Read More]
"I think the Democrats give up when I turn out," Trump said. "If you want to know the truth, I don't think it energizes them.... [Read More]
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