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"We can do more to protect our children. We must do more to protect our children," the president said during an event honoring local authorities... [Read More]
Jim Lake joins Nahigian Strategies... [Read More]
I've been covering mass shootings for decades. I've never seen a phenomenon like these students. [Read More]
Rachel Crooks, the woman accusing Trump, has told her story before today. [Read More]
New pediatric cancer trial requirements stood up — Consolidation hearing touches on PBM mergers... [Read More]
Trump has been under public fire regarding his alleged actions and comments toward women since October 2016. [Read More]
EPA considering water regulation change... [Read More]
Fat, unhealthy Americans threaten Trump defense surge — Pentagon watchdog reports little progress in Afghanistan... [Read More]
Spellings' Higher Education Act pitch — West Virginia teachers set to walk out this week... [Read More]
Sniping on Tefca from all sides — Artificial Intelligence that fails to replicate... [Read More]
No TLC for HFCs? — Utilities add it up... [Read More]
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Blackburn leads Corker in new poll — Rooney will leave Congress... [Read More]
Miscimarra back to Morgan Lewis — Waiting on SCOTUS... [Read More]
New Jersey takes the lead — IMF skeptical... [Read More]
Facebook exec's Twitter tear... [Read More]
Chinese ambassador wishes U.S. happy year of the dog— How the TTIP freeze risks an EU-U.S. trade war... [Read More]
Cordish leaves White House — Where's the rule? [Read More]
Agency rolls back LGBT-friendly policies — Spending deals signal end of unpopular ACA cost checks... [Read More]
Mueller's indictments offer insight into Russian election interference — What the NotPetya attribution might mean... [Read More]
Special counsel Robert Mueller's team on Tuesday announced the latest target in his sprawling probe, saying attorney Alex Van Der Zwaan made false statements about... [Read More]
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