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The spectacle is intended to draw attention to the opening event of this year's Harvest on the Harbor event in October. [Read More]
Darren Lilly, who made the threat in August against Central Maine Community College, was arrested last week for a bail violation and later posted bail... [Read More]
Sales volume was up by 6 percent and the median price increased by 7 percent from a year earlier. [Read More]
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Shayne White faces up to 30 years in prison. [Read More]
Britain Prime Minister Teresa May asked European leaders for concessions to complete Brexit but did not seem to sway anyone. [Read More]
An independent phone and online complaint line will take reports of sexual abuse or misconduct. [Read More]
Maine State Police were responded to a single car crash at 7:45 a.m. [Read More]
Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera criticized the lawsuit as being premature and called it 'shameful.'... [Read More]
As exports to China and Europe plunge, Maine's industry tries to build a unified domestic strategy to aid dealers and fishermen alike. [Read More]
If we want to feel better about current affairs, we should all follow Texas and abandon this teaching. [Read More]
Steps include reducing waste, learning what is accepted locally and redeeming beverage containers. [Read More]
By continuing to slash the number of people we'll take in, we're abdicating our duty as a rich and powerful nation and a moral beacon. [Read More]
According to The Washington Post, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of having sexually assaulted a woman who is now a respected professor... [Read More]
In light of the new allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, it is imperative that the Senate question him, under oath, about any wrongdoing. He is a... [Read More]
Her office's lawsuit puts the Penobscot people at risk for cancer and other health complications caused by consuming fish from polluted water. [Read More]
With just 15 months left on his sentence, Arnold Nash escaped last week only to be caught four days later, in an apparent effort to... [Read More]
I am unsure whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh should be elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court. However, it is important to honestly discuss the matter. Kim... [Read More]
even though SNAP helps people find and keep work. Fortunately, the Senate's farm bill is bipartisan and protects SNAP. We need to make sure it... [Read More]
The current presidential administration is intent on undermining the deserved rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, rights that have been scrupulously advocated for by LGBTQ+ elders for... [Read More]
Julia McKenna gets two second-half goals to propel the Eagles to a 4-3 victory. [Read More]
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