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The social network is reportedly in talks to sell subscriptions to TV apps like HBO, the way Amazon does. [Read More]
The statue that went viral online is on display IRL in New York City—and you can buy a mini version of it. [Read More]
Elizabeth Koch is from one of the most influential families in American politics. But she's more obsessed with the self—hers, yours and mine. [Read More]
Boeing will officially inaugurate its first aircraft facility in China on Saturday. [Read More]
So-called "porch pirates" have become as reliable a part of the holiday season as pumpkin pie, Mariah Carey, and It's a Wonderful Life. [Read More]
If you suffer from motion sickness, this ride is probably not for you. [Read More]
There's a revolution happening in electric vehicles, and it's not in America. [Read More]
"They're essentially saying: 'Don't take us for granted.'" [Read More]
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There's a big problem with America's most popular Christmas gift. [Read More]
in the US, most people are drinking water that is legally "safe" but isn't actually risk-free. [Read More]
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Pornhub last year launched an online Sexual Wellness Center. [Read More]
Electric two-wheelers China account for 80% of all the greenhouse-gas emissions avoided by the use of electric vehicles in the entire world. [Read More]
"Without much of thinking and understanding." [Read More]
Elon Musk has never hidden the fact it isn't easy being a Tesla employee. ... [Read More]
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Sarah Rose Summers is facing backlash for a brand of condescension Westerners have gotten away with forever. [Read More]
India now has nearly 1,000 co-working spaces. [Read More]
Banks have been eyeing Uber's IPO business since the rides company leapt to a multibillion-dollar valuation in 2013. [Read More]
After fourteen years, Richard Branson's space company breaks the surly bonds... [Read More]
There's been an outpouring of cases in recent years. [Read More]
We were at the world's most enviable workplace. But a weird caste system excluded us from meetings, certain cafeterias, the Google campus store, and much... [Read More]
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