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During a conservative dinner, Donald Trump's own economic adviser admitted that the president has dodged taxes "for years." The Washington Examiner reported that National Economic Council... [Read More]
Donald Trump's education secretary, Betsy DeVos, just lost a major court battle over consumer protections for Americans who take out student loans.This article was originally... [Read More]
At a debate in California on Wednesday night, the senior Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee said she is more than prepared to open up... [Read More]
Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz was deluged with mockery on Thursday after he posted a photo of a Native American statue to attack Sen. Elizabeth... [Read More]
Newly released government documents reveal that President Donald Trump played a prominent role in keeping FBI headquarters in Washington, CNN reports. Stopping the move of... [Read More]
A South Carolina teacher was fired for kicking a student who was disruptive in class. Students say Tierra Walker dumped the 11-year-old boy out of... [Read More]
A former top secretary for Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) ripped into the embattled governor on Thursday after stepping down from his high-paying job late Wednesday... [Read More]
President Donald Trump loves crowing about the strong economy he's overseeing — but will that boomerang back on him in just two years? Bloomberg reports... [Read More]
Gary Cohn, President Trump's former chief economic advisor, told CNBC on Thursday that the president's trade war with China was killing the United States' service... [Read More]
A new internet hoax claims that the Mayo Clinic is intentionally misdiagnosing pregnant Trump supporters so it can force them to get abortions — and... [Read More]
One Event at Trump's D.C. Hotel Includes a $10,000-Per-Person Photo With the President Opportunity In the old days, if a politician wanted an endorsement from,... [Read More]
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp was called out this week for creating a video that shows a black person without photo ID being denied... [Read More]
and she appeared on "The View" to discuss one particularly dramatic moment. Kavanaugh lashed out at the Minnesota Democrat during a hearing about se... [Read More]
President Donald Trump is waiting in trepidation as a caravan of some 4,000 Honduran migrants and refugees, many of them children, approach the U.S./Mexico border while... [Read More]
Police in Shorewood, Wisconsin have arrested a 17-year-old student after he used social media and threatened to lynch black students if they performed in the... [Read More]
Joel Reuben, who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State during the Obama administration, blasted the "very soft commitment" Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accepted... [Read More]
Russia's Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that U.S. President Donald Trump listened to him and was keen to improve battered U.S.-Russia ties despite the complicated... [Read More]
Saying, "It's a struggle every morning," a black student at a Wisconsin high school says she was suspended after finally protesting being called the N-word... [Read More]
A Yale University philosophy professor said the news cycle's lightning-fast pace in the social media age is helping President Donald Trump blur the line between... [Read More]
CNBC host Jim Cramer on Thursday floated a conspiracy theory that Saudi Arabia is secretly lowering the price of oil to "appease" President Donald Trump.... [Read More]
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