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After an incident in which a guard was seriously injured, allegedly by a shoplifter at a Richmond District, Sandra Lee Fewer thinks Safeway should spend... [Read More]
Laura Loomer, a far right commentator, complained about how she couldn't find a "non Muslim" Uber or Lyft driver. Both ride services did her a... [Read More]
The victim was left with life-threatening injuries. [Read More]
The lead investigator admits that during the interrogation he lied to the defendant and claimed to have more evidence than they actually had at the... [Read More]
Facebook earnings, tech ethics, Giants drop Anchor. [Read More]
Do you want BART delays? Because this is how you get BART delays. (Among other reasons.) [Read More]
The events are being put on by BottleRock Presents, the producers behind the now annual Napa music festival that happens in May. [Read More]
Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are a few of the 100 companies who filed an amicus brief in San Francisco yesterday, condemning Trump's decision to end... [Read More]
Dreamforce approaches, BART pooper surprise, San Mateo's auto break-in trouble. [Read More]
State Senator Jerry Hill is calling on investigators to focus on "recloser" devices on power lines that are known to spark wildfires, and that PG&E's... [Read More]
Violators face as long as six months in jail or $5K in fines. [Read More]
BART-stopping dog at home, Microsoft loses top female exec, cutting the Pliny line. [Read More]
This realtor's Facebook ad reminds us all that time is a flat circle, and prompts us to ask: what are they even trying to disrupt... [Read More]
Affordable housing scofflaws still abound, despite city's best efforts. [Read More]
Marlon Coy, who is accused of starting the Bear Fire, appeared to threaten the Santa Cruz district attorney in court, mouthing the words, "You're next." [Read More]
With the Northern California wildfires all 100% contained, many are starting to tend to the damage left behind, the cost of which has exceeded $3.3... [Read More]
DiFi used to live on the street, and she's pulling strings for her former neighbors. [Read More]
They expect to be closed until at least January 15. [Read More]
Executives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter shared some pretty disappointing responses to questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee currently investigating foreign countries' impact on politics... [Read More]
Police say the truck's emergency brake failed. [Read More]
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