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The thousands of voices raised is only a small fraction of what I am guessing are the MILLIONS who have suffered this fate, yet remain... [Read More]
Dear Mr. Masud Bin Momen,I am William Nicholas Gomes, Human rights defender and Freelance journalist. I am writing to voice my deep concern about the... [Read More]
You've probably heard the buzz around 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. If you run a small business, you might even have an inkling... [Read More]
The thing for a comedy team to be successful, what people don't realize, is that it involves a great deal of compromise. -Cheech MarinCreativity is... [Read More]
In every ten car purchases, eight are made on loan. If you're reading this, chances are an auto loan is your biggest financial obligation right... [Read More]
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Today, Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill announced that a secret indictment filed against 52-year-old Randy Shefstad was unsealed.The indictment alleges the defendant used graphic... [Read More]
Massachusetts Attorney General (AG) Maura Healey has filed a lawsuit against the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company, Purdue Pharma, maker of the highly addictive OxyContin. A... [Read More]
The relationship between Zionism and the Jews has been the source of confusion for many years. Both Zionists and the so called 'anti' have preached... [Read More]
Empirical evidence shows that global warming is real and is largely caused by man. This is not a theory; it is a fact. ... [Read More]
If you are a motorist in Oregon, you will already know what a struggle it can be to run and maintain your vehicle. There are... [Read More]
The fastest-growing oil region in the U.S. is fueling not only the second American shale revolution—it's fueling a subculture of drug and alcohol abuse among... [Read More]
Washington State University researchers have found that marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington has not hurt police effectiveness. In fact, clearance rates for certain crimes... [Read More]
"According to the DOJ's court filing, parents who are not currently in the U.S. may not be eligible for reunification with their children."I can't quite... [Read More]
Cryptocurrency investors who have been in the business for quite some time now, or anyone for that matter, who follow the crypto industry knows that... [Read More]
2017) to spread disinformation and promote GOP politicians. ..... [Read More]
After decades of global prohibition, cannabis companies are making history as they move forward in our current international patchwork system of various cannabis laws and... [Read More]
News is spreading throughout the Big Apple state that a rather unpublicized medical cannabis (aka Marihuana ) bill went forward and was passed ... [Read More]
Irvine, California, is a pricey piece of California paradise on the surface, but underneath, a city of deadly cancer clusters, with a sea of toxic... [Read More]
Casual investing is not a new phenomenon. If you are a regular income earner, then you probably know that you should be saving money and... [Read More]
By constantly belittling our European allies, recently undermining British Prime Minister Theresa May, threatening trade wars with them, Canada and China, undercutting NATO, failure to... [Read More]
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