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A big rig full of 6,000 chickens crashed in Sonoma County early Thursday morning, closing Highway 121 for most of the day.  Some chickens did cross... [Read More]
San Francisco International Airport is not having a smooth run this Thursday — 33 flights have been entirely canceled and about 25 percent of flights... [Read More]
your anonymous reviews might not remain anonymous if someone charges you with defamation and hauls your ass to court. In an appeal decision handed down... [Read More]
James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem was always already obsessed with growing old. He was always already aware of the irresistible, corrosive force that aging exerts... [Read More]
In the history of San Francisco journalism, The Tenderloin Times was a landmark newspaper — an exemplar of innovative and investigative work that advocated for... [Read More]
"We live in fear of having fires all the time," says Candy Crawford, a resident at Mission Hotel. "We have smokers in our hotel, we've... [Read More]
often with communal bathrooms down the hall... [Read More]
Whether you're already reaching Peak Grinch or you can't wait to break out the tiny bottles of Cointreau from your adult Advent calendar, it's undeniable:... [Read More]
Choreographer Joe Landini has helped San Franciso performers to collaborate, explore, and produce new work for 25 years. The director of SAFEhouse Arts — the acronym stands... [Read More]
Ray Vaughn hates the term "SoMa." To him, the area now populated by condos and cavernous modern restaurants will always be South of Market. It's... [Read More]
So far, on our fantastic voyage around and into our buttholes, we've explored the joys of inserting fingers, dildos, and dicks into your poop chute... [Read More]
Frequently a little greasy, and broadly flavored, dim sum is one of the true pleasures of life in San Francisco. As a meal, it's completely... [Read More]
A highly recommended twice-monthly feast takes place at Harvest on Geary, and cannabis smokers who love savory Chinese dumplings should roll out to the Richmond... [Read More]
Swing by Shanghai Dumpling King on any foggy Friday night and there's sure to be a crowd of people huddled on the sidewalk outside, waiting... [Read More]
For five years, Herakut's art fable has overlooked McCoppin Street. The German duo — comprised of Jasmin Siddiqui (Hera) and Falk Lehmann (Akut) — put... [Read More]
As the North Bay knows too well, smoke inhalation wreaks havoc on our respiratory system and, fortunately, firefighters come ready with oxygen tanks. Animals, though, need ones... [Read More]
There was a kerfuffle in Texas last month when a pan-Asian restaurant called Hot Joy abruptly closed after the Dallas Observer wrote a scathing takedown... [Read More]
With this year's crop of newly bestowed Michelin love, the Bay Area now boasts more three-starred restaurants than New York (seven to five, if you're... [Read More]
"What do we want?" transgender activist Mia "Tu Much" Satya yelled as she walked behind Pride's grand marshal convertible in 2016. "Trans rights!" the crowd... [Read More]
Tennis Pop Any time you try to pigeonhole Tennis into one genre, the duo releases an album that furthers their desire to remain undefinable. Alaina... [Read More]
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