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Mary Lewis Grow, director of Student Pledge Against Gun Violence, says the NRA doesn't speak for the majority of gun owners. [Read More]
Santa Fe resident Georgellen Burnett shares her story of averting an instance of gun violence. [Read More]
Santa Fe resident Alexis Johnson shares her views on her right to bear arms to protect herself and her family. [Read More]
SFPS officials want to show a video to students showcasing the latest recommendations about what to do if an active shooter shows up. [Read More]
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The Fed is expected to soon approve bank-friendly changes to the Volcker Rule, which was aimed at preventing banks from trading for their own profit... [Read More]
From the Santa Fe New Mexican:... [Read More]
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Board voted to table until Sept. 3 charter school's application to become chartered by SFPS. [Read More]
"I honestly had no idea that any contract or proposed contract was in the wind," Mayor Alan Webber said. [Read More]
So many candidates are entering the race for Congress in New Mexico's 3rd District that they're deadening public interest. [Read More]
The animal, which is illegal to keep as a pet in New Mexico, is now at ABQ BioPark Zoo in Albuquerque. [Read More]
Santa Fe County Attorney Bruce Frederick is leaving to take a job with Sandia Pueblo. [Read More]
Tuscan Wine Dinner... [Read More]
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I think more people should be cooking fish at home, and that is a hill I am willing to die on. [Read More]
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Three former inmates at the women's facility in Springer say officials were indifferent to or retaliated against those reporting behavior. [Read More]
State police have not yet said whether they consider the death of 32-year-old George Albert Lewis II a homicide case. [Read More]
The Fischer-Spassky match was one of the most ballyhooed competitive events of the 1970s, a Cold War confrontation in Reykjavik, Iceland. [Read More]
He hopes to stimulate the economy as many of the indicators his administration has used to showcase a Trump-fueled economic "boom" have fizzled. [Read More]
"We know it's at least 336 people," said Mark Oldknow of New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness. "The data tells us the problem is at... [Read More]
It might be year three in rebuilding football at New Mexico School for the Deaf, but it's year two of a feeder program that can... [Read More]
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