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While traditional medical research focuses on the prevention of disease, often through diet and exercise, the Stanford Prevention Research Center... [Read More]
Stanford Summer Arts Institute, a summer program for high school students that focuses on studying the intersection of the arts... [Read More]
On Aug. 21, incarcerated workers in at least 17 states will strike to demand humane living conditions, access to rehabilitation, sentencing reform and the prohibition of... [Read More]
If you don't subscribe to streaming services like Netflix and HBO, you may not be able to catch up on... [Read More]
"Crazy Rich Asians" Based on a novel of the same name by Kevin Kwan, the romantic comedy "Crazy Rich Asians" [Read More]
As the end of summer draws near, it's time to explore new music and make the most of the holidays... [Read More]
Stanford suspended a student for two quarters after finding that he sexually assaulted Sinead Talley '16 in 2014, The San... [Read More]
With 703 undergraduates as of fall 2017, the computer science department has the greatest number of students of any department... [Read More]
"Once again, we are the economic envy of the entire world", with these characteristically modest words Donald Trump wasted no... [Read More]
On July 24th, Stanford University issued a not-so-veiled threat to Santa Clara County: if you try to regulate us, we... [Read More]
At first glance, the new photography exhibit at the Herbert Hoover Memorial Exhibit Pavilion seems simple. White space is used... [Read More]
The Palo Alto school board unanimously passed an anti-bias resolution on June 19 in response to reports of racism and... [Read More]
During its final meeting of the summer on Wednesday, the Graduate Student Council (GSC) discussed graduate student funding transparency, stipends... [Read More]
In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," the Cantor Arts Center recently featured "Betray the Secret: Humanity... [Read More]
Nestled in the Bing Wing of the Cecil H. Green Library lies "The Baltic Way," an exhibition showcasing 100 years... [Read More]
The Facebook group "Free and For Sale" has been used by countless Stanford students as a platform to sell and... [Read More]
Stanford Law School (SLS) Dean M. Elizabeth Magill will leave the University in summer 2019 to assume the role of... [Read More]
The Anderson Collection, one of Stanford's two art museums, held a film screening for the documentary "Eva Hesse," on Jul. [Read More]
Stanford issued an uncharacteristically lengthy response to the resignation of Hamzeh Daoud '20 from his Norcliffe House staffing position —... [Read More]
The Museum of Tolerance (MOT), located just east of UCLA and Beverly Hills, is a hidden gem of museums and... [Read More]
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