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Sometimes a year is a lifetime. [Read More]
Mexico is a victim of geography — but so are major U.S. cities like Los Angeles. [Read More]
The president is angry. [Read More]
The main beneficiary of this oppressive system is for-profit companies. [Read More]
"We need the money to feed our students," one professor told ThinkProgress. [Read More]
"If we're not educating, then it's never going to stop." [Read More]
It's not the first time she's used her "high ranking government" position to avoid confrontation. [Read More]
A federal jobs guarantee is more popular than ever with the American public. [Read More]
The family that inflicted OxyContin on the world is worth $14 billion. Sessions wants to go after everybody else. [Read More]
"The big thing was being able to identify that their goals and our goals are very similar." [Read More]
The education secretary previously called the guidelines a "failed system." [Read More]
An obscure constitutional provision could keep Senate Republicans from buying Sen. Lisa Murkowski's vote. [Read More]
The most generous estimate of the GOP health care bill does not paint the full picture of cuts but is still pretty bad. [Read More]
Erick Erickson's comments are in stark contrast with the official HHS response. [Read More]
Citing Trump's Twitter account as an authoritative source. [Read More]
"El Faro did not authorize use of the photograph" [Read More]
Trump laments string of warming-fueled superstorms: "It's just one after another" [Read More]
New research might help explain the connection. [Read More]
Too bad the new administration is going to reverse the rule, anyway. [Read More]
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From the host who once argued 'we're all going to die' anyway. [Read More]
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