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The passage is only used by UN observers, but it is hoped it will be used by Druze citizens in Israel to visit family in... [Read More]
3 contentious religion-and-state hot potatoes threaten to break up the government and spur a national poll. That might be just what Netanyahu wants... [Read More]
Baby will be 7th in line to throne; announcement comes as Harry and the former Meghan Markle arrive in Sydney at the start of 16-day... [Read More]
Rabbi Zalmen Wishedski's Facebook post goes viral after he describes his encounter with a volunteer from Saxon Friends of Israel on a plane... [Read More]
Authorities say M-16 rifle was found in Thaer Jaradat's home near Jenin, five months after attack on Border Police... [Read More]
Tel Aviv-based Aidoc's technology analyzes medical images to assist radiologists with prioritization of life-threatening cases... [Read More]
The Knesset session is expected to end at any time with new elections called, and Khan al-Ahmar nervously awaits Israeli bulldozers that will spell the... [Read More]
PM says latest proposal 'a good and balanced law'; rejects suggestion he may use crisis as an excuse to call early elections... [Read More]
Manhunt continues for Ashraf Na'alowa, who has been on the run since killing Kim Levengrond Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi last week... [Read More]
Judge David Mintz said to drive off after three Palestinians block his car, approach him with hammers... [Read More]
Citing the loss of Jews during the Holocaust, self-styled leader of Israel's secular mainstream says he would 'rather the Jewish people grow and not decrease'... [Read More]
After groups abide by first phase of demilitarization of area around Idlib by withdrawing heavy arms, second stage doesn't appear to be implemented... [Read More]
One year old Musa from Ramallah in the West Bank received the heart last week from a Jewish baby who died of a chronic disease... [Read More]
Tova Ringer, who lost her entire family in Auschwitz, wins annual pageant in Haifa dedicated to survivors of Nazi genocide... [Read More]
Rookie Greg Joseph makes the play in just his third game as a pro... [Read More]
First Lady, whose husband is known for mocking people online, says her anti-bullying campaign focuses on social media partly because of 'what people are saying... [Read More]
IDF warns public may hear explosions and sirens during the drill, which forms part of the 2018 combat readiness program... [Read More]
Initial investigation finds Masresha Wasa shot his spouse with their three young children at home... [Read More]
The 23-year-old running back heads to Sarge's Deli in New York to learn the difference between matzah balls and mozzarella... [Read More]
Police open investigation into death of Aisha Muhammad Talal Rabi, 47, who was reportedly in car with husband when stones were thrown, causing him to... [Read More]
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