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Searchers have recovered the body of a missing southwest Alaska fisherman. Alaska State Troopers say the body of 39-year-old Anthony Active of Togiak (TOH-gee-ak) was... [Read More]
Alaska State Troopers say 39-year-old Anthony Active of Togiak fell from a 26-foot boat Monday afternoon as he checked a set net in Togiak Bay. [Read More]
A southwest Alaska fisherman is missing after falling off a boat. Alaska State Troopers say 39-year-old Anthony Active of Togiak (TOH-gee-ak) fell from a 26-foot... [Read More]
A southwest Alaska girl was flown to Seattle for treatment after a crash on an all-terrain vehicle. Alaska State Troopers say the girl was driving... [Read More]
Other projects back on the funding track include Southeast and Togiak herring research, westward salmon weirs, Southeast sablefish research and Prince William Sound Tanner crab. [Read More]
Well, here we go again ... about ready to wrap up another year (already). Sitting back and reflecting on the past 12 months as a... [Read More]
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Troopers said the victim was shot unintentionally by a 10-year-old playing with an unsecured and loaded gun. [Read More]
A 10-year-old child killed a 6-year-old child Wednesday while playing with a gun in Togiak, Alaska, according to NBC-affiliate KTUU Friday. Alaska State Troopers and... [Read More]
A 6-year-old Alaska child has died after being accidentally shot by another child. Investigators say the fatal shot was fired unintentionally by a 10-year-old child... [Read More]
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A 6-year-old is dead in the Village of Togiak after a 10-year-old pulled the trigger on an unsecured firearm, according to a trooper news release. [Read More]
A young child in Togiak has been pronounced dead by authorities after they say he was shot unintentionally by another child while playing with a... [Read More]
The Voice of Alaska... [Read More]
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The rare public hearing is expected to investigate a fatal plane crash near Togiak last fall, and the broader problem of aircraft in Alaska slamming... [Read More]
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Close review of Togiak, other recent crashes could reveal flaws in current programs. [Read More]
My own visual memories of Togiak are not much more than a slate of wide, open grey sky that merged into open grey water. In... [Read More]
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The investigative hearing into the Ravn Connect crash that killed two pilots and a passenger will be the first held in Alaska since the Exxon... [Read More]
The Voice of Alaska... [Read More]
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An autopsy is scheduled for a cannery worker found dead in the southwest Alaska community of Twin Hills. Alaska State Troopers say the body of... [Read More]
Alaska State Troopers said James Schneider, 56, died after "apparently falling approximately 15 feet from the cannery dock" at Togiak Fisheries. [Read More]
An Oregon man died after apparently falling 15 feet from the dock of a cannery at low tide Wednesday evening, Alaska State Troopers say. [Read More]
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