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The collision happened shortly before 8 p.m. on Oracle Road, just south of Ina Road. [Read More]
92-year-old Everett J. Ritchie is described as 5-foot-10, 155 pounds, brown eyes, white hair. He may be driving a 2009 green Honda CRV with Arizona... [Read More]
A Tucson, Arizona boy has a rare skin condition — his skin is so fragile, it tears like tissue paper. ... [Read More]
A Tucson, Arizona boy has a rare skin condition — his skin is so fragile, it tears like tissue paper.  ... [Read More]
Utah's defense was all the talk but the Utes offense made the biggest impact in a 42-10 manhandling of Arizona... [Read More]
It may be Week 9, but there are still plenty of key games in southern Arizona. [Read More]
Illinois said Friday it has signed a two-year contract with Arizona for a men's basketball home-and-home series in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons. The Illini... [Read More]
Using the vulnerability of others to your own political advantage has no place in our culture. [Read More]
Raúl Grijalva has been my representative for many years. I am proud to support him for national office and his daughter for local office. The... [Read More]
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Has the world ever been more upside down than it is right now? I have know Raúl Grijalva since the mid '70s, and in this... [Read More]
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Nurses take care of people — it's what we do. Thankfully, Arizona's Medicaid program is helping us get more people the regular care they need... [Read More]
Tucson families may see 14 new splash pads, 22 new playgrounds and 17 shade structures installed at city parks in the next several years. [Read More]
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It is extremely hypocritical that both CD3 candidate, Nick Pierson, and David Eppihimer, chairman of the Pima County Republican Party criticize Rep. Grijalva for "not... [Read More]
George Washington spent years writing an instruction manual (Farewell Address) of how to sensibly govern USA. [Read More]
Recent TV items (Channel 9) ran segment about both political party politicians forecasting social security going broke by 2030. Neither party would say how to... [Read More]
I witnessed an incident at a poll site in August that was truly disturbing. [Read More]
It is well-known that climate scientists have been warning for 30+ years that global warming is real, human-caused, and a severe threat to human civilization.... [Read More]
Improving the vision and hearing of seniors could help them fight off memory loss. [Read More]
A jury convicted a white Michigan man of assault on Friday for firing a shotgun at a black teen who knocked on his door to... [Read More]
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