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Residents of the state shouldn't be surprised about the precipitation, as it's basically where it should be. [Read More]
Local business owner, J.R. Harrison explores black culture in his own unique way. [Read More]
The historic Tucson restaurant closes its doors after 97 years in business. [Read More]
Lerua's closing its doors; 28 Days of Black History; Seven Falls in Sabino Canyon; Far Afield: Loveland... [Read More]
Just as President Donald Trump claimed last week, Japan's prime minister has, indeed, nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize — at the request of... [Read More]
Aurora, Illinois,fired Employee, kills 5 former Co-workers and also wounded 5 Officers!! What happened? We don't Care anymore? 5 innocent People died? They probably had... [Read More]
During the 2016 political campaign, the Star published a letter comparing Trump's campaign rhetoric to that of Hitler in the 1920s. His enduring tactic has... [Read More]
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Re: the Feb. 13 column "Kelly recalls McCain as he seeks senator's seat." [Read More]
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Eek! SOCIALISM!! The fearful cries begin before a single bill is introduced. The Green New Deal is a non-binding resolution. It is aspirational. An opportunity... [Read More]
If you care about the future of our rivers, it's urgent for you to call on your state legislators now. [Read More]
At 3, Haley Moss was diagnosed with autism and doctors thought she may never be able to work a minimum wage job or live on... [Read More]
Oh, please. Cancelling the best strip on the page over a slip is silly. You are taking this way too seriously. It's a perfectly good... [Read More]
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Re: the Feb. 17 column "Star will drop 'Non Sequitur' over vulgar language." [Read More]
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Having walked across the international border and back recently in Nogales and revisiting the kind, generous people with whom I have shopped for many years,... [Read More]
Gen. George S. Patton said it best about our unwanted "miracle wall": "Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man." Another quote from... [Read More]
Re: the Feb. 15 article "Deadly blue 'Mexican oxy' pills take toll on Arizona, Southwest." [Read More]
Re: the Feb. 15 article "UA astronomers part of NASA mission to study universe origins." [Read More]
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I am not absolutely sure, but I would bet there are bases in Afghanistan protecting our soldiers that don't have the same amount of concertina... [Read More]
It would seem people are held accountable for everything bad they ever did these days, regardless of age, health, or circumstance. Whether they accomplished good... [Read More]
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Re: the Feb. 13 column "Green New Deal suspends laws of arithmetic." [Read More]
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