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With all the stories being shared about Alaska on national networks, most Alaskans see beyond the shallow exterior of these Hollywood acts; however, their stories... [Read More]
Alaska is notorious for seasonal affective disorder, which a 1992 study said affected 9.2 percent of a random sample of 283 Fairbanks residents. Hoping to... [Read More]
At the senate meeting on April 15, student government was visited by representatives from Student Affairs, DRAW, Student Health and Counseling Services, and Transportation Services.... [Read More]
When I signed up for my first women and gender studies class I was ecstatic. You can imagine the joy of a blossoming activist, receiving... [Read More]
Students Who Enjoy Economic Thinking is a club that anyone can visit to talk about economics in a respectful environment. Meetings start out with a... [Read More]
Sticky notes that lined the walls of Arctic Java read "I would not have PTSD," "I wouldn't be afraid of being touched" and "Everyone looks... [Read More]
The UAF student government, ASUAF, is failing the student body and its partnering organizations. According to their website, "The Associated Students of the University of... [Read More]
Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg was brought before Congress last week to testify about the website's privacy settings. Many questions were about implementing features already apart... [Read More]
When Tarana Burke stood in front of her audience to set the record straight, she made it clear that she was an ordinary woman from... [Read More]
Dear members of the student body, When we took the ASUAF Oath of Office to become senators, we pledged to serve you, the members of... [Read More]
Gearing up for commencement It is that time of year again, where many students are coming to the end of their academic career and will... [Read More]
*Warning many spoilers ahead* Sometimes a video game surprises me; this does not happen often, so when it does I take notice. "Super Hot," by... [Read More]
The dressing room is filled with cosmetics and wigs as kings and queens get ready for their show. Some nervous performers are passing around a... [Read More]
Dear Editor,Throughout college careers, students study many important subjects – English, Mathematics, History, Business, Communication, Science, Engineering, etc. However, one thing many col…... [Read More]
During my first semester working at The Sun Star, a cartoon surfaced in the newsroom. It was deposited in the Editor-in-Chief's inbox and made light... [Read More]
There was quite a commotion at the senate meeting on April 8. Generation Action: Students for Reproductive Justice at UAF was represented by club co-president... [Read More]
Missing Person4/3/2018 8:06 p.m. – A person who had been reported missing was found in the Rasmuson Library. Their cell phone battery had died.Suspicious Circumstances4/4/2018... [Read More]
Tuesday, April 17Are you a know it all, or do you perhaps just know random facts that aren't that helpful in your everyday interactions? Well,... [Read More]
The senate meeting held on April 1 was considered to be, according to the Office Manager Kori Hensell, one of the shortest meetings she has... [Read More]
When the Blockbuster in my neighborhood closed about a week ago, I showed up with what felt like the rest of the town to claw... [Read More]
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