University of California, Santa Cruz

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(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) ... [Read More]
Professor Debra Fischer in Steinbach Hall. Photograph by Christian Soler and Leah Salovey for the FAS Dean's Office. When the Extreme Precision Spectrograph (EXPRES) is... [Read More]
Provided photoAndrew E. Doe 1928-2017 Andrew E. Doe died at his Berlin home of lung cancer on July 12. While his passing at age 89... [Read More]
This summer, IonE was fortunate to host three undergraduate students — Roxana Ayala, Manisha Rattu, and Ramiro Pinedo Jr. — from the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars... [Read More]
James Ryan of the University of California Santa Cruz uncovered the pioneering work of linguistics expert Joseph E Grimes thanks to an article written for... [Read More]
Low-key musical version of famous chess match between Garry Kasparov and computer Deep Blue is held at University of Oregon, as audience judges musical entries... [Read More]
Nicholas Watter is congratulated by his sister Charlotte after the ceremony in which he received his Master of Arts in Education at University of California... [Read More]
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