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After years of dashed hopes, we could be on the brink of large breakthroughs in artificial intelligence for businesses thanks to deep learning, says Frank... [Read More]
New Wharton research finds that as consumers are increasingly deluged with a dazzling array of choices, they tend to stick to brands they know. [Read More]
Recent Wharton research offers a compelling defense for antitrust policies that advocate protecting consumers over businesses. [Read More]
In this opinion piece, Wharton Dean Geoffrey Garrett writes about critical advice he has received from other leaders — lessons that "have had a massive... [Read More]
The truth about trickle-down economics is that it's a shallow way of trying to get at a very complicated question: How do tax cuts really... [Read More]
Walter Isaacson, who's written a slew of well-received books on famous figures such as Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, discusses his latest on Leonardo da Vinci. [Read More]
Manish Sabharwal, co-founder and executive chairman of TeamLease Services, one of India's leading human resource service companies, outlines a path for greater productivity and growth. [Read More]
A merger between CVS and Aetna would create a one-stop model for coordinated care — but would consumers really benefit? [Read More]
Experts weigh the implications of the upcoming tax bill reconciliation process for individuals and corporations, as well as the impact on the federal deficit beyond... [Read More]
Proposed tax legislation speeding through Congress will enlarge the deficit and offer meager gains to low- and middle-income groups. It may also open up huge... [Read More]
A deduction for high medical expenses that is largely used by senior citizens hangs in the balance as Congress tries to craft a final version... [Read More]
The Federal Communications Commission will vote in the coming weeks on a proposal to repeal net neutrality rules. Wharton experts explain what's at stake. [Read More]
Natural disaster costs are mushrooming while government coffers shrink. The challenge: Can corporations and public agencies better coordinate rescue and recovery efforts to improve outcomes? [Read More]
The Paradise Papers shed harsh light on the opaque practices of many businesses, revealing how hard it is for consumers to truly "vote" with their... [Read More]
Investors and customers once tolerated Uber's skirmishes with regulators as the price one pays for innovation. But that may no longer be so. [Read More]
Bruce Bartlett, former advisor to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, discusses his new book about the challenge of fake news, and offers... [Read More]
We assume that workaholics are people who are working themselves to death, with an increased risk of things like heart attack and stroke. But is... [Read More]
The U.N.'s 2030 sustainable development program aims to engage local stakeholders in development as it seeks to end poverty while protecting the planet. [Read More]
Brazilian media giant Grupo RBS embraced the digital age and looked for opportunities to thrive, according to this op-ed. [Read More]
AI has become deeply ingrained in our everyday lives — and that will only intensify in the coming decades, as more and more companies develop... [Read More]
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