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New York is on the cusp of enacting a law that could help congressional Democrats gain access to President Donald Trump's state tax returns, potentially... [Read More]
An Iraq War veteran went on CNN Monday to decry President Donald Trump's reported plans to pardon multiple American war criminals. Waitman Wade Beorn, a... [Read More]
here is almost universal agreement that President Donald Trump is an unconventional president and that many laws were broken during his 2016 campaign. However, our... [Read More]
President Donald Trump on Sunday ratcheted up his rhetoric toward Iran, warning that a fight with the United States would "be the official end of... [Read More]
Re "Trump: Farmer bailout coming" (Nation and World, May 15): With President Donald Trump looking for another $15 billion, in addition to the $12 billion... [Read More]
BEFORE PRESIDENT Donald Trump announced that he was imposing 25% tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of Chinese goods, he got encouragement from... [Read More]
THE New York Times recently reported that President Donald Trump declared tax losses of more than $1 billion between 1985 and 1994. [Read More]
President Donald Trump has posted what may be the best golf score of his life, an incredible 68, over Easter weekend. It's not known where... [Read More]
How or when President Donald Trump's trade war will end is anyone's guess. There's no long-term plan or endgame in sight. But two things are... [Read More]
On CNN's Cuomo Prime Time, former Virginia Attorney General and Trump supporter Ken Cucinelli tried to memory hole years of President Donald Trump's glossy... [Read More]
Elizabeth Warren is releasing a new proposal to overhaul ethics rules at the Pentagon that would impose a four-year timeout before top Department of Defense... [Read More]
Blinded by rage at the failure of Special Counsel Bob Mueller, Congressional Democrats are striking out wildly at President Donald Trump, who seems almost serene... [Read More]
President Donald Trump is asking for an extra $1.6 billion for NASA to get Americans back to the moon by 2024 — years earlier than... [Read More]
American farmers are running out of patience with President Donald Trump's trade war with China. Farmers have long stood behind Trump's mission to get a better trade... [Read More]
Four conservation groups have given notice to President Donald Trump's administration that it plans to launch a lawsuit against two federal agencies and the state... [Read More]
Among the mysteries surrounding President Donald Trump's conduct, one of the strangest is his penchant for meeting President Vladimir Putin of Russia without aides or... [Read More]
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