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THERE IS no such thing as a "Second Amendment Sanctuary." This concept is a legal fiction adopted by a small minority of local leaders to... [Read More]
Second Amendment is not a free-for-all... [Read More]
Stafford County supervisors will discuss a resolution to support the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms during the evening session of Tuesday's meeting... [Read More]
We speak with the Sixth Congressional District Chair for the Republican Committee, Jennifer Brown, about becoming a second amendment sanctuary. [Read More]
A Democrat remarking on the need for Virginia's new blue leadership to enforce looming gun controls with, perhaps, activation of the National Guard shows just... [Read More]
Virginia's "Second Amendment sanctuary" movement continued to see overflow crowds throughout the state on Thursday despite Governor Ralph Northam (D.) backtracking on confiscation and threatening... [Read More]
With dozens of Virginia counties declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, some Democratic lawmakers have said the governor should use the National Guard to enforce future... [Read More]
More than 90 governing bodies have now passed resolutions defending gun rights... [Read More]
I was very pleased to see such a showing of citizens at the last Waynesboro City Council meeting on Dec. 9, 2019. The chamber was... [Read More]
Del. David Toscano insults gun owners, ignores facts, and engages in a blatant double-standard in his attack on the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement. [Read More]
It's your turn to keep Cam company! On today's show Cam answers your questions and comments, primarily focusing on Virginia's 2A Sanctuary movement. [Read More]
The crowd, energetic and respectful, mainly supported the idea. But this meeting had a larger number of people in opposition than other meetings. [Read More]
More than 3,000 people attended the Rockingham County meeting as the board unanimously voted to adopt Second Amendment Sanctuary status. [Read More]
The Virginia National Guard is responding after Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam stated that there could be consequences if laws aren't followed in localities that have... [Read More]
Dozens of gun rights activists attended a meeting in Isle of Wight where the Board of Supervisors voted to make it a Second Amendment Constitutional... [Read More]
Galax City Council adopted a resolution upholding Second Amendment rights at the Monday night meeting after five public speakers addressed them in a room of... [Read More]
In pandering to an angry crowd demanding a Second Amendment Sanctuary, the Henrico County Board of Supervisors opted for banality and redundancy over common sense. [Read More]
The Isle of Wight Board of Supervisors approved becoming a Second Amendment "Constitutional" county... [Read More]
In response to the (previous letter) writer obsessing about who pays if the State of Virginia sues counties who enact sanctuary status for Second Amendment... [Read More]
With about a thousand people crowded into and around the County Administration Building, the Frederick County Board of Supervisors on Wednesday night unanimously adopted a... [Read More]
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