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The Wedding Planner. Maid in Manhattan. Shading Ben Affleck's midlife-crisis back tattoo. Even Monster-in-Law! Is there anything Jennifer Lopez can't do?! The queen of romantic... [Read More]
While ostensibly about things like motherhood and love, the Mamma Mia! movies are really just an excuse to get movie stars to sing ABBA songs,... [Read More]
those handy miniature metaphors for either childhood wonder or the corruption of innocence - are having a big summer. The indie horror hit Hereditary revolves... [Read More]
This review originally ran during the Sundance Film Festival.There is one five-minute sequence in Blindspotting where all its competing elements come together for a brief,... [Read More]
The film critic Pauline Kael once said that her father Isaac watched westerns nearly every night, because of the comforting familiarity in the rhythm of... [Read More]
Netflix is looking to further expand its international reach with a new series based on the novel Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie according to The... [Read More]
There's a word in Russian: obraz. Translated simply it means image, but more accurately it refers to an icon or a sacred image, an image... [Read More]
No, Suits didn't pull a savage, eleventh-hour twist on how Rachel (Meghan Markle, duchess extraordinare) and her new husband Mike (Patrick J. Adams) ran off... [Read More]
Since this is the first episode where the women head to Colombia, we got our standard packing montage where they all throw their one-pieces and... [Read More]
With The Bachelorette reaching the final stretch of a pretty ho-hum season, did you breathe a sigh of relief when Becca Kufrin announced that she's... [Read More]
While there's a potential beef brewing between Beyoncé and the city of Rome, there's one already roaring between her husband and the city of Philadelphia.... [Read More]
At Luann de Lesseps's cabaret show #CountessAndFriends, everyone feels like part of the extended Real Housewives universe. Some of us act like it, too: In... [Read More]
As Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again director Ol Parker put it, if you're making a sequel, "it's an American sports thing: If you're not... [Read More]
We get it, dear reader. Just when you thought your daily queue couldn't balloon any further with topical, witty late-night clips, in comes Your Friend... [Read More]
Overlord has all the visual markers of an intense war drama — a morally ambiguous soldier, a doomed battle, a small platoon of troops lost... [Read More]
Alice Wetterlund, who played engineer Carla Walton in seasons two and three of HBO's Silicon Valley, is speaking up about her experience on the show... [Read More]
So, uh, you see, in London — that's London, England, not London, Ontario, which is also a lovely, lovely city — they have put up... [Read More]
The reviews for Katy Perry's "purposeful pop" album Witness last year weren't exactly favorable (though not all bad!). She now tells Vogue Australia that she... [Read More]
If it would please the court, we'd admit to having a legalese void in our lives after watching Britain's newest royal, Meghan Markle, depart Suits... [Read More]
The No. 1 thing you should do when you travel to a foreign country is learn how to say hello. If you're a Western celebrity... [Read More]
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