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While visiting this year's Tribeca Film Festival with her new film Egg, Christina Hendricks took a moment to reflect on the gay icon status she... [Read More]
While visiting the Tribeca Film Festival with her directorial debut The Party's Just Beginning, Karen Gillan (you know, of Avengers and Doctor Who fame!) told... [Read More]
Please sit back and enjoy watching Kate Micucci and director Vivieno Caldinelli, who happen to meet two "executives" in an elevator at the Tribeca Film... [Read More]
Last month, Martin Freeman caused a stir in the Sherlock fan community when he blamed, well, the fans and their high expectations for ruining the... [Read More]
While attending this year's Tribeca Film Festival, Dan Harmon, the creator of Rick and Morty, addressed the disastrous McDonald's campaign to bring back that infamous... [Read More]
Jeffrey Wright of Westworld stopped by Vulture's studio at Tribeca Film Festival to discuss his new film O.G. and revealed the truth about beloved British... [Read More]
Thandie Newton will also be receiving equal pay to her Westworld male co-stars for season three, joining Evan Rachel Wood. [Read More]
The Jane the Virgin cast including Gina Rodriguez reacts to the season four finale twist of Michael's return from the dead. [Read More]
Major spoilers ahead for the season-four finale of Jane the Virgin.Welcome back, friends! After almost four seasons, it seemed like there wasn't another twist that... [Read More]
Major spoilers ahead for the season-four finale of Jane the Virgin.Friday's season-four finale of Jane the Virgin pulls off one of the most astounding twists... [Read More]
Major spoilers ahead for the season-four finale of Jane the Virgin.In the final few moments of Jane the Virgin's fourth season finale, Jane walks down... [Read More]
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OH MY GOD. Oh my god! Oh my god.I thought I was prepared for this episode. I was expecting a big twist. "Chapter Eighty-One" telegraphs... [Read More]
Major spoilers ahead for the Jane the Virgin season finale.Jane the Virgin has never been afraid of crazy plot twists or dramatic cliffhangers, and its... [Read More]
You thought your tiny Maine town had it rough, what with the evil kid-murdering clown running around. But is that really much worse than a... [Read More]
Sophia Lillis is getting a reprieve from battling shapeshifting entities from hell. The star of last year's It has just been cast as Nancy Drew... [Read More]
While at the Tribeca Film Festival, actor Jeffrey Wright talks about the complications of filming his new project, O.G., inside a real prison, with real... [Read More]
We here at Vulture would personally take a bullet for Mary Berry, goddess divine of the British culinary world, so she can continue to delight... [Read More]
Most popular art about addiction tends to fall into two categories: wistful remembrances that elucidate the shocking ease of slipping into an unwanted habit, and... [Read More]
Harvey Weinstein had to leave the Olive Garden sometime. Presumably between storyboarding sessions for his comeback documentary, the disgraced film producer appeared in bankruptcy court... [Read More]
Earlier this month, Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk had to fend off rumors that she worked as a recruiter for a sex cult called NXIVM. It... [Read More]
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