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But more research is needed to determine whether the 19th-century dye can be developed into a novel cheap treatment for a rare skin cancer. [Read More]
Meanwhile, hotplates for cooking and space heaters for warmth will be distributed to thousands of residents left without natural gas after a series of explosions. [Read More]
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Here & Now's Lisa Mullins talks with longtime executive producer Sandra Zweig about the 12th and final season of Bourdain's acclaimed CNN series, and her... [Read More]
From which toothpaste brand to buy to which political candidate to vote for, people make up their minds — and change them — all the... [Read More]
One of those groups is Samaritan's Purse, an evangelical Christian and humanitarian organization that provides aid to people in need. [Read More]
You can check out a lot more than books at libraries these days. [Read More]
In tweets Friday morning, President Trump criticized Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her at a high... [Read More]
Rashida Jones' first feature-length directorial effort, "Quincy," offers a clear-eyed, if compassionate, view of her father's life, says NPR TV critic Eric Deggans. [Read More]
Many people in Massachusetts are hiring home aides who are untrained, unscrupulous and even abusive. [Read More]
Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer says Ford is willing to testify, but not on Monday, the hearing date originally set by Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck... [Read More]
Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson considers why the markets are rising despite concerns about tariffs and the global economy with Michael Regan, senior editor at Bloomberg... [Read More]
Two young women from Hartford, Connecticut, are now at prestigious boarding schools thanks to a free program in the city that teaches the game. [Read More]
Women are sending messages of support to Christine Blasey Ford through social media. [Read More]
Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson speaks with Adam Howard, a professor of education at Colby College who studies elite private education. [Read More]
Why are there so many Mattress Firm stores? How did they end up catty-corner across intersections and in the same shopping centers? Are the mattresses... [Read More]
The average Major League Baseball game this season has taken three hours and four minutes. This week on Only A Game, NYU game theorists propose a radical... [Read More]
Experts warn the flight of Puerto Ricans to the mainland, from before and after Maria, could threaten the commonwealth's recovery. [Read More]
Several whale species have been dying at an unusually high rate since at least 2017 as part of three ongoing unusual mortality events. [Read More]
Daily life in Lawrence is a struggle after a series of gas explosions and fires rendered people homeless and closed restaurants across the city. [Read More]
If enough of us are outspoken in our support of Dr. Blasey Ford, writes Janna Malamud Smith, together we can destroy the patriarchy's strongest weapon... [Read More]
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