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Senate Judiciary chairman has a strong hand to keep things on schedule. [Read More]
When the future becomes more finite. [Read More]
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Christine Blasey Ford wants the FBI to investigate before she appears in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. [Read More]
Bloomberg's running again. And why not? [Read More]
The highest office in the land has become deeply bureaucratized. [Read More]
Hillary Clinton would never have spoken at a political venue—oh. Nevermind. [Read More]
The right-wing populist got his start with puerile antics at the 'Dartmouth Review.' American politics has finally caught up. [Read More]
He's still the favorite, but it's not risk-free. [Read More]
Tags: Ted - Cruz - Trouble
Plus, why you should always read the story. [Read More]
With a big suit against Harvard looming, public opinion continues to disapprove of race-based college admissions. [Read More]
Hosted by Charlie Sykes. [Read More]
That means you, Marco Rubio. [Read More]
Also: Self-published novel makes longlist in France, a review of David Ferry's Aeneid, and more. [Read More]
New hearings, little reason for hope. [Read More]
Incorrect captions distort one's perception. [Read More]
Plus: Patrick Mahomes already looks like a star. And what's with Rudy Giuliani doing one job when he's listed as having a million of them? [Read More]
On Monday night, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced that Christine Blasey Ford would have the opportunity to testify at a public hearing next Monday about... [Read More]
Announcing Charles Krauthammer's final book. [Read More]
A guide for the perplexed. [Read More]
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The vultures are circling in Syria. [Read More]
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