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Plus: Larry Fitzgerald reminds us how great Jerry Rice was, exaggerated crime on TV, and diplomatic blunders. [Read More]
Hosted by Charlie Sykes. [Read More]
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Is anyone fit to host the Oscars? [Read More]
Also: Flannery O'Connor's letters to Caroline Gordon, and more. [Read More]
Politically, Democrats are better off not pursuing impeachment. But they may not have a choice. [Read More]
High-ranking public officials have resigned for less than what these documents allege. [Read More]
The Holocaust Museum has an exhibit about American attitudes toward Jewish refugees. And it's missing the most important part. [Read More]
High-tech dominance won't be solved with tariffs. [Read More]
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The caravan is overwhelmingly made up of young men looking for work—not women and children. [Read More]
From insults to mobs to cross-dressing, a look at misbehavior in Shakespeare's day. [Read More]
The technologies that brought show tunes to the masses. [Read More]
Marcel Proust among the grand women of the belle époque. [Read More]
Given their comparable movie careers, why is John Wayne still an icon while Gary Cooper is all but forgotten? [Read More]
The fundamentals are still strong. But the stock market collapse is on the president's thumbs. [Read More]
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Not a Parody... [Read More]
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How Edwin Meese saved originalism. [Read More]
How do we know this is fake? Let us count the ways. [Read More]
Also: The women of Abstract Expressionism, and more. [Read More]
This is the saga of Jason Lewis. For a quarter-century, the Minnesota congressman was a talk-radio host. He started in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolis and... [Read More]
To his credit, President Trump rose to the occasion on the death of George H. W. Bush. Among other things, his immediate response—on Twitter, of... [Read More]
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