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There is a new push to find out why thousands of women in the U.S. claim their breast implants are making them sick. They say... [Read More]
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Thomas and Brandon take a look at a turkey on the loose and a chocolate covered catwalk! [Read More]
Key West, Florida is the latest city to ban certain sunscreens with certain chemicals that could harm coral reefs. The ban won't go into effect... [Read More]
What started as a boy's day out for a North Carolina grandfather and his grandson quickly turned into something much more. The outing potentially saved... [Read More]
For years, doctors have been able to use deep brain stimulation, or DBS, to still the tremors of many patients with Parkinson's Disease, a condition... [Read More]
V/S/V... [Read More]
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V/S/V... [Read More]
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Southern Regional Jail... [Read More]
Marietta Memorial... [Read More]
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Local events in the MOV... [Read More]
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Injured deputy released from hospital... [Read More]
Grand Central Mall announces re-development plan... [Read More]
Accused in death of Jason Tefft... [Read More]
Thomas and Briana take a look at a 'Pooch' pirate accused of taking packages. And we take a closer look at a hockey reporter that... [Read More]
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More than 2-million people in the U.S. are either dependent on or abusing prescription and illegal opioids to treat their pain. Now a new report... [Read More]
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