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A federal watchdog agency has joined a group of whistleblowers in alleging Customs and Border Protection failed to collect DNA from detained migrants to be... [Read More]
President Trump claimed that if the U.S. wanted to quickly end the Afghanistan War, it could do so in just a week, but said that... [Read More]
Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders reportedly made an appearance at a retreat for Republican governors and donors amid rumors she is considering a... [Read More]
To prevent policy action by the "squad" of far-left congressional Democrats (Reps. Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley), conservatives should seek to... [Read More]
The Arctic could be a key avenue for Russian cruise missiles, and the military must engage in the region to protect against it, according to... [Read More]
When Venezuela intercepted a United States aircraft over the Caribbean Sea, it not only used a Russian fighter to do so, it took a page... [Read More]
Criminal cartels are using groups of migrants as a distraction for their drug smuggling activities on the southern border, according to the commander of U.S.... [Read More]
A resourceful group of construction workers and fellow commuters came together to save a man trapped in a flipped pickup truck on Monday. [Read More]
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Fox News host Bret Baier and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan sparred over the U.S. decision unilaterally to launch the operation into Pakistani territory that... [Read More]
It no doubt feels like a real slam dunk for President Trump's opponents to point out that he's done very little in terms of completing... [Read More]
Republican political consultant Rick Wilson, appearing Monday on MSNBC, repeated a circulating false claim that Fox News will not air special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony... [Read More]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a speedy vote on a budget caps and debt limit deal lawmakers and President Trump reached on Monday. [Read More]
After negotiations with both Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress, President Trump announced the parties had come to a compromise on a two-year budget agreement. [Read More]
You can say one thing about the Democratic Party's messaging: At least it's consistent. [Read More]
The media is helping President Trump's reelection effort by its constant, obsessive, nearly unhinged determination to tell their audience for the 2,965th time that Trump's... [Read More]
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A Canadian small business owner was forced to close her home-based beauty salon after refusing to provide a Brazilian wax for a transgender woman's male... [Read More]
The mystery surrounding Vice President Mike Pence's abrupt cancellation of a New Hampshire trip in early July has finally been solved, according to a report... [Read More]
I can't say I was shocked when polling earlier this year found that young Americans preferred socialism to capitalism. Now, Democratic presidential candidates are capitalizing... [Read More]
The Pharr International Bridge in Texas, one of the major entry points along the southern border, was shut down after U.S. Customs and Border Protection... [Read More]
A discarded fast-food hamburger on a New York City street piqued public curiosity on Saturday because of its highly recognizable and unexpected packaging. [Read More]
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