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West's relationship with power is becoming a problem. Fans give him that power. [Read More]
West seemed to be vying for a regular spot in the president's orbit. [Read More]
I've never been much of a Kanye fan but the reaction by Democrats and their allies in the media to Kanye befriending President Trump has... [Read More]
Yes, his password is bad. But the celeb put security in the spotlight. [Read More]
Republicans have long tried to undermine activists and protestors by courting black elites. [Read More]
Aurora borealis over Iceland, rapper Kanye West visits Trump in the Oval Office, protests against Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation, Hurricane Michael devastates the Florida Panhandle... [Read More]
The rapper held forth with profanity, inanity and a profession of love for President Trump, who said West could be a future presidential candidate. [Read More]
The rapper visited the president Thursday and launched into a 10-minute monologue. [Read More]
If the president wanted to signal his fondness for a period before #BlackLivesMatter, he couldn't have picked a better meal. [Read More]
The idea that the rapper is some kind of ambassador to the African American community is laughable. [Read More]
If you're missing "male energy" in your life, the president is the last person you should take as a role model. [Read More]
Kanye West's rants about the 13th Amendment and slavery have left a lot of people confused. [Read More]
In a rambling monologue, the rapper pitched educational centers that would bear his other moniker, Yeezy. [Read More]
The Redskins cornerback says engaging with Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas was a waste of time. [Read More]
West will meet with President Trump on Thursday. [Read More]
Kanye West's support is welcomed, but Taylor Swift is seen as an elitist in an "ivory tower." [Read More]
The Clintons, the Bushes and Hope Hicks show how politicians are becoming more like entertainers. [Read More]
The rap star is also scheduled to meet Thursday with Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law and senior adviser. [Read More]
Unique, specific and targeted. [Read More]
The segment also addressed Kanye West's unaired speech from last week. [Read More]
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