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Throughout the session, held inside a northeast church, people booed, jeered, clapped and cheered. [Read More]
Law would not allow Portland regulations, but would adopt key Portland safety regulations statewide. [Read More]
A Coast Guard lieutenant who was arrested in Maryland last week on gun and drug charges was found to be a white supremacist who called... [Read More]
"What about those who throw bricks, rocks, bottles, feces, and urine at police officers endangering not only our officers but also peaceful protesters who are... [Read More]
Kotek explained her decisions as part of an effort to change Salem's culture following a sexual harassment scandal. [Read More]
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What to know, what to watch and where to eat. [Read More]
Some of the most glaring errors in the article—which has been taken offline—are attributed to "a 30-something, hipster guide" with tour company Wildwood Adventures, which... [Read More]
Blazers players seldom get asked to come on nationally televised talk shows. But the team's newest acquisition is notable for reasons that transcend basketball. [Read More]
Your weekly Buzz List. [Read More]
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Hot Plates, coming through! [Read More]
What to know, what to smoke and where to drink. [Read More]
By his own admission, he came to Portland and hit someone in the face. [Read More]
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The smaller ride-sharing company dominates in Portland. [Read More]
The decision reveals long-simmering tensions at many schools with dual language programs over the extra resources such programs receive. [Read More]
The Legislature's attempt to fix its sexual harassment reporting process is off to a rough start. [Read More]
In other news: Developers beef over the original Paranoid Park. [Read More]
When I get a cold, I armor up with DayQuil so I can do my job without drowning in mucus. Now my killjoy co-worker says... [Read More]
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Last week, WW interviewed TriMet general manager Doug Kelsey ("Hotseat: Doug Kelsey," WW, Feb. 13, 2019) about what it will take to get more Portlanders... [Read More]
The Portland Police Bureau took three months to find the texts and charged more than $262 for them. [Read More]
The new bill goes even further than the bill banning single-family zoning. [Read More]
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