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Multnomah County Commissioner Loretta Smith has renewed her push to open the never-used Wapato Jail as a shelter. [Read More]
In a New York Times editorial, Keisling, along with former Washington State Secretary of State Sam Reed, argue Oregon's system of voting should be adopted... [Read More]
Monsanto insists that the substance is completely safe and does not cause cancer. The scientific community is not so certain. [Read More]
What to know, where to eat and a must-see art exhibit. [Read More]
Richard Bidmead was biking home late after work on Sept. 9 when he was nearly struck by a car, driving without its headlights illuminated, in... [Read More]
Today, the organization announced a multi-year sponsorship deal with Illinois-based sports medicine manufacturer Performance Health, which is noteworthy for one major reason in particular: Starting... [Read More]
"It's kinda like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it out and seeing if my people would come," says Mendoza, who DJs under... [Read More]
Candidate Amanda La Bell withdraws from key Bend House race. [Read More]
TidalWave's comic series follows Stormy Daniels' rise "from the strip clubs of Baton Rouge to the top of the adult film industry" to "the woman... [Read More]
Each piece in Utopia Without You is a synecdoche of a disheveled gamer's bedroom—the rock of trash that is B-16, a hand-painted miniature elf displayed... [Read More]
"Mr. Cantu thought he was going to die," the tort claim says. [Read More]
Free Will Astrology for the week of Sept. 19. [Read More]
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What to know, where to eat and what to wear. [Read More]
This isn't an endorsement issue—those choices will be revealed next month. Instead, what follows is a primer on the issues that Oregonians face this November. [Read More]
Measure 104 would amend the constitution to apply the three-fifths requirement to include any attempt to legislatively raise revenue by boosting fees or reducing or... [Read More]
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. He won't be up for re-election until 2020, but the final two years of his first term will be shaped by... [Read More]
For much of 2018, Oregon television viewers have been fed a steady diet of ads highlighting the failure of state government policies—and blaming Gov. Kate... [Read More]
Black elected officials from across the state. State Sens. Lew Frederick (D-Portland), Jackie Winters (R-Salem) and James Manning (D-Eugene) have endorsed Smith; so have former... [Read More]
Oregon businesses are asking voters to change the state constitution to prohibit city, county and state governments from ever taxing groceries. [Read More]
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Notice a theme among the measures on the statewide ballot? Four of the five address conservatives' pet causes: abortion restrictions, immigration enforcement, and bans on... [Read More]
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