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Made official Monday, the 2020 Democratic National Convention is headed to Milwaukee. If you are interested in coming to Milwaukee for the event, here are... [Read More]
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Sunday, March 17 said officials with the Democratic National Committee were headed back to town to plan for the 2020... [Read More]
Trinity Academy of Irish Dance Trinity Three Irish Pubs Dariaz Higgins (Fox6 coverage) Democratic National Convention (Fox6 coverage) [Read More]
Alex Lasry says it will be a "team effort" among prominent Wisconsin Democrats to raise $60-70 million for the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. [Read More]
The head of Wisconsin's Republican Party, Mark Jefferson, greeted news of Milwaukee scoring the 2020 Democratic National Convention with a sneering remark about the city... [Read More]
The 2020 Democratic National Convention is expected to bring millions of dollars to the city, and some Airbnb hosts aren't passing up on the chance... [Read More]
Milwaukee was picked by the Democratic National Committee to host the 2020 Democratic National Convention July 13-16th. [Read More]
Milwaukee is planning to extend the Hop streetcar system to the Wisconsin Center, the city's downtown convention center on Wisconsin Avenue, about a month prior... [Read More]
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