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Palladium has surged to record highs and gold will play catch up in coming years and reach record highs again... [Read More]
The market rally has devolved into a complete farce. [Read More]
This is the last thing investors worried about slowing growth in China wanted to see... [Read More]
"Closing a fund does not equal death (although it may feel a little like that sometimes)." [Read More]
"...despite a 20% correction from the peak of the market last year... investors are paying more today for each dollar in earnings today than they... [Read More]
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible... make violent revolution inevitable..." [Read More]
His bonus was cut and he was ordered to refrain from drinking at company events for 12 months after the victim allegedly suffered panic attacks... [Read More]
"We used to be told that things aren't great but there was light at the end of the tunnel. Now we hear things are good,... [Read More]
Another day, another key government figure exits stage left... [Read More]
US equity markets have been a one-way trade lower since the open, erasing all of Friday's gains as China macro disappointed and trade-deal headlines spooked... [Read More]
The aircraft had four crew members - a commander, co-pilot, navigator and operator - on board. [Read More]
It appears the White House is ready to stoke the flames of anti-Maduro unrest. [Read More]
"...I told her not to bother, the word gets out anyway! Most will never cover us fairly & hence, the term, Fake News!" [Read More]
Airports are shutting down terminal checkpoints nationwide as the agency has now experienced a national rate of 8% of unscheduled absences compared to a 3%... [Read More]
"What scares me the most longer term is that we have limitations to monetary policy at the same as we have greater political and social... [Read More]
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"Affordability is more important than jobs..." [Read More]
And in a tweet Tuesday morning, President Trump himself weighed in, claiming that Sandmann had become a symbol of "Fake News and how evil it... [Read More]
"These problems, as well as the problems created by trying to solve them, will bring volatility, turmoil, and wild swings of sentiment to markets this... [Read More]
EHS will surprise on the downside due to both fundamental and transitory factors... implies a seasonally adjusted statistic of 4.99M (which would be the lowest... [Read More]
"Net Gamma again pivots negative, accelerating below 2600, which means there is a risk on a break below that dealers will be forced to accelerate... [Read More]
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