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Lobbyists for alcohol and tobacco companies are trying to make the best of a bad situation as the government shutdown hits the one-month mark. [Read More]
Former Republican Reps. Kevin Yoder (Kan.) and Luke Messer (Ind.) are the next on the growing list of lawmakers who are headed to K Street... [Read More]
As the Senate Judiciary Committee weighs its next move on Brett Kavanaugh, only four women will have a voice. All of them are Democrats. [Read More]
While none of the Senate's 20 committees are entirely male, eight lack female Republicans. The consequences of that underrepresentation can be lasting. [Read More]
A Supreme Court nomination is running aground and a president is hurling shutdown threats at his own party. Let's get back to the basics, shall... [Read More]
D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser and Police Chief Peter Newsham called a news conference on Thursday morning at the site of Martinez's killing. [Read More]
Say "exchange program," and most people think of traveling teens. That was true for Rep. Don Bacon, whose family hosted a student when he was... [Read More]
Republican Rep. Ken Buck was just 27 years old when he staffed the Iran-Contra investigation. Now he could "never be a tyrant." [Read More]
Millennial chiefs of staff on the Hill are used to being the youngest people in the room, but busting stereotypes is also part of their... [Read More]
They have the task of broadcasting two very different messages. But these mid-20s Mississippi communications directors keep finding common ground. [Read More]
Lawmakers like these oversized and sometimes garish visual aids because they help them get their point across. [Read More]
With so many women wanting a mentor at the end of 2017, the Women's Congressional Staff Association had to get creative. [Read More]
Wyoming Sen. Alan K. Simpson called staffers a "critical burden" upon lawmakers in a 1988 floor speech. [Read More]
The first committees to receive staff were House Ways and Means and Senate Finance in 1856, when both hired full-time clerks. [Read More]
We're all over Capitol Hill and its surrounding haunts looking for good stories. Some of the best are ones we come across while reporting the... [Read More]
This isn't Rep. Walter Jones' first test against a hurricane. The longtime North Carolina Republican's vault of storm memories dates back some 66 years. [Read More]
Republican Michael Cloud, whose wife is from Mexico, says he can bring a 'human side' to the immigration debate. That's if he can survive yet... [Read More]
Almost three-quarters of House members - 313 in all - have no top staffers of color, according to a report from the Joint Center for... [Read More]
"People were screaming and saying, 'Get out.' I remember women with their shoes off, running. If there was security, it sure didn't feel like it,"... [Read More]
Those who decide to strap on a helmet and roll up a pant leg may run into the likes of Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer, an... [Read More]
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