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It is expected that the special counsel will soon wrap up his investigation in the president and deliver it to Attorney General Barr. [Read More]
The Senate is set to vote Thursday on the House-passed resolution to terminate the president's move to skirt Congress to get billions for his wall. [Read More]
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The record number of military veterans running for office this fall includes many Democratic women. [Read More]
The White House accused Democrats of an "11th-hour attempt to delay" Trump's nominee a seat on the high court. [Read More]
The family of John McCain sharply rebuked the National Republican Congressional Committee on Wednesday for using footage of the late senator in attack ads. [Read More]
The White House accused Democrats of an "11th hour attempt to delay" Kavanaugh a seat on the high court. [Read More]
The late senator's family took issue with the way his image was being "weaponized" in political attack ads. [Read More]
Lawmakers from both parties are contemplating a return to the practice of using earmarks in federal spending bills following the mid-term elections. [Read More]
Collins, 68, faces insider trading charges along with his son, Cameron Collins, and Stephen Zarsky, the father of Cameron Collins' fiancée, prosecutors said. [Read More]
"These allegations are deeply disturbing and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated at FEMA," FEMA Administrator Brock Long said. [Read More]
The House and Senate remain divided over personal liability and the definition of sexual harassment. [Read More]
Free-trade advocates call the one-time relief package for farmers hurt by tariffs "problematic to say the least" [Read More]
Jordan has been accused by former wrestlers he coached years ago at Ohio State University of turning a blind eye to allegations of sexual abuse. [Read More]
Conservative House Republicans have claimed the deputy attorney general has withheld documents from Congress and made misleading statements to lawmakers. [Read More]
The resolution accuses Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of seeking to block congressional oversight of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation. [Read More]
House Republicans voted overwhelmingly for a measure opposing a carbon tax, attempting to thrust the issue of climate change into the midterms. [Read More]
While frequent Trump critic Sen. Bob Corker said "the dam was breaking" on Republican Hill support for the president, other members came to his defense. [Read More]
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Trump had "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory." [Read More]
The conservative House Freedom Caucus, which Jordan founded, released a statement backing the Ohio Republican. [Read More]
A new and energized generation looks to change the face of the party in the House. [Read More]
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