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Contract workers at NASA's Johnson Space Center were denied back pay for the 35-day federal government shutdown in a budget deal reached in Congress this... [Read More]
Instruments from a lunar rover abruptly cancelled by NASA last year will be used in future missions to the moon, NASA officials confirmed Thursday. ... [Read More]
Over the last five decades, Victor Murray has worked on every one of NASA's major space exploration program since Apollo. He worked a 21-hour shift... [Read More]
Ian Burkhart cruised down the highway toward North Carolina's Outer Banks in 2010, chattin... [Read More]
The Russian investigation into the source of an air leak-causing hole in the International Space Station will stretch into November -- a full month after... [Read More]
Ivanka Trump will be in Houston on Thursday for a tour of NASA's Johnson Space Center. [Read More]
Young Vanessa Wyche sat hunched over a piece of paper, drawing the childish outline of a U.S. president in crayon for a class assignment. [Read More]
For the first time in 60 years, NASA has tapped a woman to lead Mission Control at the agency's Johnson Space Center in Houston. [Read More]
After canceling a rover being built to search for water on the moon, NASA said it would use scrap the rover's parts for future missions.... [Read More]
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Personnel at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston are getting ready to install safety bolts on the test module of the Orion spacecraft which will... [Read More]
The Russians will wait to release any details about the origin of the air leak-causing hole on the International Space Station until their investigation is... [Read More]
A plan to expand the network of federally protected coral reef systems in the Gulf of Mexico may not be ready for approval by the... [Read More]
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A NASA official said this week that the space agency expects to leave footprints on the moon again in the late 2020s, nearly 60 years... [Read More]
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Young Vanessa Wyche sat hunched over a piece of paper, drawing the childish outline of a U.S. president in crayon for a class assignment. The... [Read More]
NASA astronaut Drew Feustel -- who was on board the International Space Station when air began to leak last month -- said Tuesday the hole... [Read More]
Johnson Space Center's second in command plans to use her status as the first African-American deputy director of NASA's Houston center to encourage minorities to... [Read More]
National environment experts will speak on a Sept. 12 panel about how the public and private sectors can help Houston prepare for the next Hurricane... [Read More]
When environmentalists announced in August that the Galveston Bay's water quality received an "A," or "excellent" rating for 2017 it seemed a spot of good... [Read More]
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NASA astronaut Anne McClain, who is scheduled to head to the International Space Center in December, said Thursday she is confident Russia will get to... [Read More]
Russian officials have said they will complete their investigation into the cause of the hole found on the international space station by mid-September. The hole,... [Read More]
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