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Tow trucks flooded the northeast Kansas City neighborhood Friday on a mission to remove abandoned cars from the streets. [Read More]
A heated debate at city hall as leaders discuss ways to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. [Read More]
Two years after a 41 Action News investigation exposed a high number of police calls to Walmart, we've learned one of their metro stores is... [Read More]
Residents in one Kansas City neighborhood are fed up with people dumping cars along the street and forgetting about them. [Read More]
Thanks to a new grant, surveillance cameras will be going up in 10 neighborhoods in Kansas City. [Read More]
On Thursday, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a stop in Kansas City as he promotes ramped up efforts on an initiative more than a... [Read More]
Neighbors say Shawnee intersection needs safety improvements. [Read More]
There are currently 79 sidewalk repair projects underway funded through GO Bonds, but there are several hundred others on the backlog. [Read More]
With more of these electric scooters coming to Kansas City, there's bound to be accidents resulting in injuries. Hospitals in the area are seeing an... [Read More]
Regardless of what the weather will do Saturday morning, motorcycles and vehicles of all kind will gather at the KCK Moose Lodge 1999 for a... [Read More]
A day later and there's backlash over Colin Kaepernick being one of the faces of Nike's 30th-anniversary commemoration of its iconic "Just Do It" slogan. [Read More]
Three teenagers in Belize are now charged in connection to the death of a Blue Springs woman. [Read More]
It's been empty for more than two decades, but instead of tearing down an old school, neighbors want to save it. [Read More]
On Friday, Olathe West High school Owls will play their first-ever varsity game. [Read More]
Some people who live on Armour Boulevard say the parked cars along the new bike lanes are creating dangerous blind spots for traffic. [Read More]
At the Landing Shopping Center on Meyer Boulevard, there's a new restaurant. [Read More]
At the start of this year's Holden Street Fair, a particular booth raised some eyebrows. [Read More]
Although 2,000 acres made up Grinter Farms, they're well-known for the 35 acres that contain their sunflowers. [Read More]
Lawmakers want tow companies that operate within Kansas City, Missouri to provide a list to the city of their prices. [Read More]
The Kansas legislature allocated $2.8 million so students could take the ACT exams and assessments for free. [Read More]
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