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Real ethics are being good for goodness' sake and not out of fear of punishment or hope of reward, says Fresno State philosophy professor Andrew... [Read More]
Quitting can be right thing, or a cop out. It all depends on the context. [Read More]
During Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings for US. Supreme Court, abortion became a focal point. The issues here are deep. Rational and good people disagree. [Read More]
Fresno Bee ethics columnist Andrew Fiala says the sound of freedom is loud, even deafening at times. Iron-rule leaders live in silence due to their... [Read More]
Sen. John McCain's parting words provide poignant food for thought. The last words of a dying man carry undeniable weight. They get you thinking about... [Read More]
Someone complained that public schools are failing for lack of religion and morality. Public universities get labeled as "liberal indoctrination centers." Democratic education respects liberty... [Read More]
Fresno State professor Andrew Fiala says the way to overcome cynicism is to have faith in your fellow man, but maintain a healthy skepticism toward... [Read More]
Fresno State professor Andrew Fiala writes a weekly column on ethics for The Fresno Bee. For the week of July 15, 2018, he reflects on... [Read More]
America grew out of the Revolutionary War. But today we prefer reason to battle, despite the tough talk and scary poll results. [Read More]
Fresno Bee ethics columnist Andrew Fiala says solution to gun violence is helping kids love school... [Read More]
In the real world, social trust is established by direct, immediate contact. In the online world, there is no handshake, eye contact or chitchat. [Read More]
The American president has a symbolic role as the head of our republic. But presidents are not kings. Our system does not grant such powers. [Read More]
Medical technology is amazing. But are we wise enough to handle our tools? Consider the case of Jahi McMath, formerly of Oakland, CA. [Read More]
It is reasonable to fear artificial intelligence. Dystopian films such as "Terminator" and "The Matrix" show what could happen if AI turns against us. Less... [Read More]
Misbehaving celebrities lower our expectations. And stupidity is everywhere on the rise. The danger of idiocy and immorality is that it is imitated. [Read More]
Some hate President Trump's use of profanity in describing other countries. Some say, so what? Language is central to social, political struggles. [Read More]
Progressive messaging obvious in latest Star Wars film, says Fresno Bee ethics columnist Andrew Fiala. [Read More]
Andrew Fiala sees two kinds of New Year's resolutions: Resolute (like a rock) and flexible (like water). [Read More]
Racial, economic and religious tensions cause social unrest at home. Armed conflicts rage abroad — in Yemen, Ukraine and elsewhere. [Read More]
Belief in Christmas appears to be declining. The Pew Research Center reports that a shrinking majority believes the Christmas nativity tale. [Read More]
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