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The images of the father and daughter, identified by their first names, Renty and Delia, were commissioned by a professor at Harvard and are now... [Read More]
Lawsuit says family, not university, own images. [Read More]
The two slaves, a father and daughter, were stripped to the waist and positioned for frontal and side views. Then, like subjects in contemporary mug... [Read More]
The images of the father and daughter, identified by their first names, Renty and Delia, were commissioned by a professor at Harvard and are now... [Read More]
At the heart of the scandal is a persistent adulation of highly selective universities. [Read More]
Services at Manna Church, a big nondenominational congregation on the west side of town, began at 9 a.m. with announcements:... [Read More]
As Sunday dawned grimly in the Carolinas, the heavens opened for the fifth straight day, swelling rivers past record-breaking levels and drenching already half-drowned towns.... [Read More]
Congregations across the storm-drenched region were at work on Sunday, even though many regular services were canceled. [Read More]
Universities are facing challenges to their mental health leave policies, with some critics saying they are too quick to cast off troubled students. [Read More]
A joint brief by the seven other Ivies and nine private universities said that a ruling against Harvard's admissions process would reverberate across academia. [Read More]
The suit, which accuses the university of discriminating against Asian-Americans, has shed light on little-known aspects of Harvard's selection process. [Read More]
Personal ratings brought down Asian-American applicants' chances of being admitted, according to an analysis filed by a group suing the school for bias. [Read More]
The court documents, filed in federal court in Boston, also showed that Harvard conducted an internal investigation into its admissions policies in 2013 and found... [Read More]
The Justice Department entered a filing in a suit against the flagship university, accusing the school of discouraging students from expressing their views. [Read More]
After John Engler took over in January as Michigan State University's interim president, he stressed again and again the need to quickly settle an onslaught... [Read More]
The university where Dr. Nassar worked for about 20 years announced the settlement on Wednesday. More than 300 women were included in the lawsuits. [Read More]
Hamilton College knew that one of its students was in deep distress before he killed himself. His parents believe they should have been told. [Read More]
The investigation was ordered after documents were released showing that the Charles Koch Foundation had been given a voice in hiring faculty. [Read More]
A group that is suing Harvard University is demanding that it publicly release admissions data on hundreds of thousands of applicants, saying the records show... [Read More]
A newly installed pedestrian crossway over a busy Miami thoroughfare at the Florida International University campus collapsed Thursday afternoon, crushing cars and killing several people,... [Read More]
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