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Dave and Julie Strong said they were impressed by how calm people remained around them as they tried to access what was happening. [Read More]
Saturday was the 95th straight year volunteers have helped the bureau's sunshine division get food to Portland families. It's become as much about giving as... [Read More]
This month, in the service of breast cancer awareness, firefighters at Portland's Station 4 in Southwest Portland are joining the support movement, showcasing their efforts... [Read More]
The magic of flight was on display in Hillsboro Sunday for the Oregon International Air Show, bringing plane lovers and aerobatic junkies fr…... [Read More]
It's always something, Rob Pope says. He's always tired and the pain never leaves. But that's what happens when you've ran the equivalent of 362... [Read More]
It's always something, Rob Pope says. He's always tired and the pain never leaves. But that's what happens when you've ran the equivalent of…... [Read More]
"My friend and I were hiking and we heard this loud bang, sounded like a shotgun blast, and we joked about it being a shotgun... [Read More]
While thousands of people have abandoned their homes to escape Hurricane Harvey in Texas, one Portland woman took a red-eye Thursday night to get to... [Read More]
Search and rescue crews are getting ready for an extra 1 million people in Oregon for the Aug. 21 solar eclipse. ... [Read More]
Rich Sunseri was in Estacada on July 2, testing out a dirt bike he was thinking about buying when he crashed, causing him to be... [Read More]
Camp Exceptional helps teach kids how to see past differences in others and find common ground. [Read More]
There may be a shortage of portable toilets as more than a million people are expected to watch the eclipse statewide. ... [Read More]
The American Red Cross is in desperate need of more donors as it's critically short on blood donations. [Read More]
The 53-year-old Army veteran was a father of four, including 19-year-old Eric Best, a student at Clackamas Community College. Family friends…... [Read More]
A woman who was with Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche during his final moments after being stabbed on a MAX train said she wants the world... [Read More]
Harris Zafar with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community said the anti-Muslim fueled attack on May 26 creates concerns for the safety of their commu…... [Read More]
Oregon State Trooper Nic Cederberg was critically injured on December 25, 2016, when he was shot 7 times by James Tylka. He spent 48 days... [Read More]
Demonstrators object to President Donald Trump's policies on the environment, including lifing restrictions on mining, oil drilling and greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants.... [Read More]
It could have been worse, but still Dominique Chapman is worried because the family's only reliable car is now badly damaged. It's the one she... [Read More]
Tamika Herbert fought back from her diagnoses and now cherishes the relationships she made in the process. Now she helps organize the Susan …... [Read More]
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