Author: Anna Goldfarb

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When you can't tell your boss to shove it, and there's just no way you'll ever love it. [Read More]
It can be disorienting to feel you're back at square one with a person you already have a shared history with. Here's some help. [Read More]
The question of what you leave behind can be especially fraught for people who do not have heirs. [Read More]
This is how they suggest you improve your inner dialogue. [Read More]
"Cut penis while trimming pubic hair." [Read More]
Make sure your bae-cation is one to remember — without the logistical headaches. [Read More]
"Temp job: clown at waterbed store." [Read More]
"I think that a positive indirect result of being trans or nonbinary means that you do not care what society thinks about you, and it's... [Read More]
"Without a doubt, the most rewarding aspect of discovering and embracing my identity was realizing that I didn't need to conform to anyone else's notion... [Read More]
The quality of sibling relationships is one of the most important predictors of mental health in old age. [Read More]
Non-parents are pushing back against harmful, outdated stereotypes that they're selfish or immature just because they are choosing to remain childfree. [Read More]
The grass isn't always greener on the other side; it all depends on the ways you think about yourself and others. [Read More]
"Thought I was in SpongeBob's house." [Read More]
The advice is the same regardless of what your finances look like. [Read More]
In six words. [Read More]
You deserve to feel safe on social media. [Read More]
People tell their banned pop culture tales in six words. [Read More]
"Don't be depressed. Just be happy." [Read More]
A guide to being excellent (or at least pretty good) at non-terrible online self-promotion. [Read More]
Keeping cherished friendships afloat doesn't need to be a huge time commitment. [Read More]
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