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Web artist Neil Cicierega launched a Twitter account, @endlessjeopardy, today that lets people reply to random clues with what they think could be the question... [Read More]
LG announced that it's partnering with Tovala so that its ovens will recognize the company's pre-packaged meals. Future LG ovens will receive the compatibility. [Read More]
Great for fair-weather fans... [Read More]
The Verge reviewed the Focals by North smart glasses and found that while the technology might be the best yet, the app support is lacking. [Read More]
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North announced today that it's lowering the price of it Focals by nearly fifty percent. A pair will now start at $599.99. [Read More]
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Quiz Date Live is officially launching on iOS. It's a live game show that lets participants compete to win a date with the bachelorette. [Read More]
Sennheiser is joining Magic Leap's "Works with Magic Leap" certification program to develop spacial audio accessories that'll augment the mixed reality experience. The company also... [Read More]
Amazon announced a variety of Alexa-enabled products today. It also announced the new Ring Stick Up Cam. It's available in a wired or battery-powered version... [Read More]
Samsung announced its Galaxy A7 phone today for Europe and Asia, which features a three-camera setup on the back. It's part of the company's new... [Read More]
Adding a new kind of marketplace... [Read More]
Xiaomi's newest Mi 8 phone, the Mi 8 Pro, includes an in-display fingerprint sensor. It's not the first phone to include one, but it's one... [Read More]
Fitbit announced Fitbit Care, which is a platform for employers and health care providers to help people stay on track for their wellness goals. It's... [Read More]
Apple officially released iOS 12 today and with it came the release of its Shortcuts app. These shortcuts let users perform certain tasks with their... [Read More]
The second version of the Podo camera launched on Kickstarter in 2016 and rapidly exceeded its funding goal. It raised more than $700,000 in funding.... [Read More]
Four major US carriers -- AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon -- are joining forces to launch a single sign-on service for smartphones. From a report:... [Read More]
Moment is now selling its Battery Photo Case for the iPhone X on its website. It's MFi-certified and costs $99.99. The case charges either wirelessly... [Read More]
Polar introduced two new exercise watches: the Vantage V and the Vantage M. The more expensive V includes a touchscreen and the ability to measure... [Read More]
A company called Livermorium promised to make a crowdfunded keyboard Mod for Moto Z phones. It even had the support of Indiegogo and Motorola. Still,... [Read More]
Apple announced its new Apple Watch today and along with it came the release date for its Watch OS 5 update. [Read More]
Instagram is rolling out a pop-up that'll offer users substance abuse support. Family and friends will also be able to find resources. The company says... [Read More]
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