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Nic Pizzolatto said he helped write the "Deadwood" movie, so David Milch helped write an episode of "True Detective" Season 3. [Read More]
Awards have abandoned the "First Man" movie and Hulu's "The First," and it all stems back to misinformation and an unprepared audience. [Read More]
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We've got rappers and lawyers and assassins and more assassins and all-knowing beings from the afterlife. [Read More]
As buddies spoiled rotten before going broke, the two comedians light up a YouTube Premium series set in central Illinois. [Read More]
From death to lies to sex, this was a year of insanity. [Read More]
Tags: TV - Moments - death
This week's Very Good TV Podcast discusses how Zachary Levi played an unusual role in Season 2: the male love interest as symbolic fantasy. [Read More]
SAG Award voters narrowed their vision and nominated a lot of the same shows multiple times, which means many nominees were snubbed. [Read More]
After a disappointing Season 2, the HBO series returns with Oscar-winner Ali as the haunted detective and Carmen Ejogo as his love. [Watch] [Read More]
Final seasons don't have the best track record at the Emmys, but here's how the HBO behemoth "Game of Thrones" can ascend in Season 8. [Read More]
So many passing moments in "Maniac" come back to matter in the end, providing a more gratifying dramatic payoff for the Netflix series. [Read More]
Tony Danza reminds us of the good ol' days while Josh Groban represents what's wrong with the future — or at least Netflix's algorithm. [Read More]
"The Deuce" Season 3 is a go! HBO has renewed David Simon and George Pellecanos' drama series for a third and final season. [Read More]
If you think this is just another network reboot, think again. The 2018 "Magnum PI" on CBS is trying to build an even bigger universe. [Read More]
Here's all the reasons "The Americans" lost at the Emmys — some real, some funny — and why it remains the best drama in our... [Read More]
Surprise moments (that proposal!) and winners made the night memorable, but the hosts did little to boost an uninspired 2018 Emmys. [Read More]
"Twin Peaks: The Return" couldn't stage a comeback at the Emmys, where it went zero-for-nine in 2018. [Read More]
The 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards are expected to be full of enough upsets and surprises virtually any nominee could win. [Read More]
"BoJack Horseman" is as infallible as a Netflix series can get, yet the new Season 5 takes an unforgiving look inward to get better. [Read More]
Ambitious and messy, sweet and on-the-nose, Cary Fukunaga directs "Maniac," a visual spectacular handcuffed by its own big ideas. [Review] [Read More]
Rather than critiquing the state of the world (like in "Cult"), "American Horror Story" finds more fun in nuking it all to hell. [Review] [Read More]
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