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The Varsity restaurants in Athens hold many memories for residents, University of Georgia graduates... [Read More]
I am fascinated by church names. Some leave me laughing, while others leave me scratching my head. [Read More]
There's a new way to get around downtown. California-based tech startup Bird Rides Inc. has hatched a fleet of over 60 battery-powered scooters for short-term... [Read More]
When I saw the trail of water across our back deck, it puzzled me. None of my family had been in the pool the night... [Read More]
Rick and Bubba, syndicated radio hosts, once did a contest for a free vacation trip for two to Los Angeles. The winner was a woman... [Read More]
Jean, my nephew Phillip, his wife Wendy and I have been on a great West Coast adventure. [Read More]
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Well, ole Sixty-Five, Ginger the weather-dog, has done the unimaginable. She recently turned 10 (70 in dog years). [Read More]
Recently, a couple of our local churches were broken into and burglarized. Yeah, I know, but a few people have no respect for anything. I... [Read More]
They looked like the tiny flames from birthday candles floating around all over my yard. [Read More]
Well, it is that time of year again. This week, at least in Lee County, Alabama, school bells will stop ringing and school hallways will... [Read More]
Each contestant performed twice, paying tribute to Prince and also singing a song from his or her birth year. And in the end, after two... [Read More]
Two more singers were eliminated from "American Idol" Sunday night, as the Top 7 became the Top 5. [Read More]
Only seven singers could move on after the first-ever Disney Night, and audiences said goodbye to Ada Vox, Dennis Lorenzo and Michelle Sussett as the... [Read More]
Ten contestants hit the "American Idol" stage Sunday night, singing a selection from the Disney songbook in hopes of winning America's votes as the iconic... [Read More]
I hate to be late. I had rather arrive 30 minutes early, than be 10 minutes late. I also get a little annoyed at others... [Read More]
There are certain things you may never hear anyone from the South say. Some of those might be, "I don't think you can buy that... [Read More]
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On our recent mission trip to Maryland, I realized that I had not brought everything I needed. We spent our first night at a church... [Read More]
Can you imagine a small church buying a 54-year-old, vacant 118,000 square feet school building, on 18 acres of land? How would they pay for... [Read More]
Thirty-two years ago, I discovered something that has been a regular part of my life ever since. Since then, I have participated in this activity... [Read More]
All three of them are gone now. They have all died within the past five years. The three of them lived a combined total of... [Read More]
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