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As part of its 20th anniversary, Google unveiled its plans to improve Search starting with its Google Feed. Now known as Discover, the update brings... [Read More]
Apple has three new iPhone models to choose from this year, making the choice a little harder than usual. What's the difference between the iPhone... [Read More]
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Apple may not sell as many smartphones as Samsung overall, but according to a new report that varies depending on price. The company sold 43... [Read More]
Fitbit's new platform, Fitbit Care, aims to help improve wellness in the workplace. Using wearables, digital health coaching, and a more personalized health care experience,... [Read More]
Xiaomi has launched two new Mi 8 family phones -- the Mi 8 Pro and the Mi 8 Lite. Unlike the past models, these two... [Read More]
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Google's latest version of Android is here, and it's called Android 9 Pie. We've been using it for the past few months on a Google... [Read More]
Google's latest version of Android is here, and it's called Android 9 Pie. It brings quite a few quality of life improvements that enhance the... [Read More]
Included within iOS 12, the Measure app uses Apple's ARKit to measure objects and spaces in the real world with your camera. Using the app,... [Read More]
Apple's Memoji feature on iOS 12 allows you to send a customize Animoji that looks exactly like you. In comparison to other apps that allow... [Read More]
There are a ton of features in iOS 12, but our favorite is Memoji. As a part of the Animoji update, you have the ability... [Read More]
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Google's Family Link app makes it easier for parents to keep track of their kids' smartphone usage. They can restrict them from downloading apps, see... [Read More]
As part of efforts to put the Cambridge Analytica scandal and related issues behind it, Facebook said this week it's expanding its bug bounty program... [Read More]
Apple's iOS 12 mobile operating system introduces a ton of new features, with more options to help boost productivity. But updating to it can be... [Read More]
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iOS 12, the latest version of Apple's iOS, is officially here. We took it for a spin to check out its new noteworthy features, and... [Read More]
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At this year's WWDC, Apple unveiled its latest operating system, iOS 12. After months of waiting, Apple announced a release date for iOS 12. Here's... [Read More]
iOS 12 is officially here and it comes with a whole suite of extra features, tooled up apps, and performance increases that have iOS devices... [Read More]
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We often don't realize how much damage we're doing to our eyes when looking at our phones. That's where InvisibleShield comes in -- its latest... [Read More]
The iPhone XR is no "budget" phone and shouldn't be labeled as such. At $750, it offers a beautiful design, top-tier specs, and most importantly,... [Read More]
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In August, Skagen announced the launch of its new smartwatch to add to its lineup, and it's called the Falster 2. The device features a... [Read More]
The new iPhone range is here, and it consists of three models -- the iPhone Xs, the iPhone Xs Max, and the iPhone XR. The... [Read More]
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