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Kevin Frayer/Getty Dandong, a trade hub in the northeastern region of China, is North Korea's portal to the world. For almost anyone on the planet,... [Read More]
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Amazon HONG KONG—Ten children's books with LGBTQ themes are at the center of a storm in Hong Kong, igniting discussion not only about equality and... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast HONG KONG—Given its vast territorial ambitions that span global waters from the South China Sea to the Indian... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast HONG KONG—The British cartoon character Peppa Pig—she of the Picasso-esque eyes on one side of her flat face; the... [Read More]
Mark Ralston/Getty HONG KONG—Earlier this week, Beijing's State Council Information Office—a Chinese Communist Party propaganda arm that is part of the country's highest administrative body—released... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast HONG KONG—The China that Donald Trump campaigned against in 2016 is not the China he is up against now.... [Read More]
Emmanuele Contini There are several recipes for going from ambitious player to dictator. Here's one: First, become president for life, even if you don't officially... [Read More]
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast HONG KONG—Roy Jones, 49, managed the social media accounts for Marriott International. One night, while browsing the notifications for... [Read More]
MUJAHID SAFODIEN HONG KONG—This week, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is visiting five nations on the African continent—Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria—to discuss... [Read More]
Chris McGrath/Getty HONG KONG—Joshua Wong Chi Fung, Nathan Law Kwun Chung, and Alex Chow Yong Kang. These three young men were nominated in early February... [Read More]
Liu jianmin/AP aHONG KONG—Through a Shanghainese exporter, I once met several Korean women who blended in perfectly at one of northeastern China's ornate hotel bars;... [Read More]
The proposed plan to strip net neutrality protections smacks of authoritarianism. [Read More]
Chinese modeling agencies recruit legions of young Caucasian women—the whiter and younger, the better—to showcase the creations of local fashion designers. [Read More]
Xi's Communist Party is going virtual and viral to ensure that the Chinese president's ideas 'enter the brain and the heart' of the nation's citizens. [Read More]
Global trade, licit or not, has created a small but growing mercantile class: the donju. Chinese sanctions are supposed to target them. But black market... [Read More]
There is more than irony in the fact that Nobel Laureate Liu Xiobao's death coincided with Beijing's massive effort to clamp down on internet communication.... [Read More]
Since 2010, knives, bombs, hammers, a burning bus, and a homemade bomb have been used to try to slaughter kids at school. Lunatics are not... [Read More]
Activists looking into labor conditions at the factory churning out shoes for Ivanka's brand have been detained or gone into hiding. Looks like Beijing's protecting... [Read More]
With the deployment of nuclear submarines and carrier battle groups, President Trump is acting very tough, but he seems to know only China can save... [Read More]
Part of the Kushner family real-estate empire, including a Trump-branded tower, was built with money from rich Chinese buying 'investment' visas to the United States. [Read More]
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