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What can you say about the 1961 full-size Mercury? Well, it has clean lines and conservative trim compared to cars of the 50s. Not a... [Read More]
People often ask me how I decide on a car to feature weekly. The answer to that question is complex. In the case of this... [Read More]
People often ask me how I decide on a car to feature weekly. The answer to that question is complex. In the case of this... [Read More]
My father, Charlie owned a string of Oldsmobiles through the years beginning with a 1950 Olds Futuramic 88 Club Coupé and ending with a 1988... [Read More]
I remember when the first Buick Reattas hit the streets of St. Louis early in 1988. They had a clean, fresh and relatively sporty design,... [Read More]
I will admit that I am a tad above the middle age of my life, and I would have a hard time arguing that I... [Read More]
Early morning showers no doubt kept a few people from Breakfast With The FIN MAN on Aug. 17, but there was a fair turnout. Among... [Read More]
Thinking back to Hettick, there was so much great eye candy at this show in the tiny town that I never heard of until Delmar... [Read More]
On my way to work last Saturday, I decided to visit the Bill Sonneborn Memorial Truck Show in Hettick, Illinois, population 200. I wanted to... [Read More]
Rollin' With The FIN MAN III on Friday, July 13th was an all-around fascinating day for the small but ardent group of attendees. [Read More]
If you missed Rollin' With the FIN MAN III, you missed a bunch of great-looking cars, some really fun Old Car Column readers and some... [Read More]
I can remember my reaction exactly as I first set eyes on a 1959 Chevrolet when I was only 13 years old. Nobody had seen... [Read More]
There were so many fine cars at the recent car show held on Father's Day, that it would have been difficult for me to come... [Read More]
It was yet another scorcher as my grandson, Lou Hernandez, and I packed up 600 pounds of gear and headed to the Museum of Transportation... [Read More]
John Blaskiewicz could be a spokesperson for SEMA's Take a Kid to a Car Show. Not only did he show up to Breakfast with THE... [Read More]
If you're a regular reader of the Old Car Column, you know I have a penchant for the Oldsmobile marque. My father drove them for... [Read More]
As I was walking to my car after work one day, I saw a vintage SUV in the parking lot. At first glance, I thought... [Read More]
Over the years, I've done stories on a number of Studebaker models from the compact Lark to the sporty and modern Avanti, and the regal... [Read More]
Finally... a perfect day for a car show! And I thought this was going to be "the endless winter"! [Read More]
You might wonder where I get my ideas for my articles. It could be a car I saw at a car show, a car sitting... [Read More]
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