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A report finds the vast majority of teenagers have a mobile device and are glued to them pretty much all day. No real shocker there,... [Read More]
A professor at the University of Northern Colorado is studying snake venom and how it could be used to fight deadly diseases such as cancer. [Read More]
A boy's baseball glove lost 40 years ago somehow made its way from a family's hometown in Ohio to a Goodwill store in Jupiter, Florida.... [Read More]
 It's a scenario that gives all parents sweaty palms: having to pick up the tab for something their child ordered online without their knowing. [Read More]
A Colorado man who spent 20 years fishing lost sandals out of a local creek has finally put them to good use. [Read More]
An invading herd of more than 100 goats rampaged through the neighborhood of West Boise, devouring flowerbeds, grass and leaves as they moved from yard... [Read More]
Don Stotts is finding treasure where few would think to look. Downtown Oklahoma City. [Read More]
A generous donation to a local non profit this morning...      the Larry H Miller dealerships awarded a 10 thousand dollar grant to Nourish.     ... [Read More]
 A St. Louis, Missouri mother and father are teaching their kids, including their son and young daughters, how to pole dance. [Read More]
   People who work out at a gym in Phoenix help keep the lights on in more ways than one. [Read More]
     Filmmakers and criminal reform activists gathered at the loft today for the Pima County safety and justice challenge.  ... [Read More]
A man is riding his bike from Virginia to Oregon to support children with congenital heart disease. [Read More]
     The University of Arizona Compost Cats have launched a new compost center.      the Santa Cruz County compost center is in Rio Rico.     ... [Read More]
 A growing number of people in New Mexico are finding out they have a rare and dangerous genetic disorder. The Common Hispanic Mutation is a... [Read More]
     If you're planning on going fishing this weekend, there is some new inspiration for you. Arizona Game and Fish tweeted this photo, of a... [Read More]
      Make A Wish Arizona and Allstate Insurance Company have teamed up to give donated toys and grant the wishes of children in Tucson area... [Read More]
. Eighty packs of food were put together by a group of volunteers for summer school children.     Truly Nolen partnered with the Jewish Federation... [Read More]
  Meet Bernice Sissy Jacobsmire, who turned 100 yesterday.     ut it." [Read More]
  A Tucson artist is at it again, Joe Pagac is  is responsible for a couple murals around town and now his latest work of... [Read More]
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