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Breaking waves as high as 40 feet came crashing into the peninsula Monday. [Read More]
Her message about taking the marijuana industry global... [Read More]
$495 ticket takes on past, present, future of pot... [Read More]
New software could help city adapt to sea level rise... [Read More]
Monterey is trying to get ready for sea level rise and is anticipating changes to the coastline as soon as 2040. [Read More]
The project includes communities of Big Sur, Palo Colorado, Cachagua, and Jamesburg... [Read More]
Construction on Fremont to make the boulevard easy to walk and bike along, causing traffic near Monterey Fairgrounds. [Read More]
Lawmakers say the MeToo movement was integral in getting the patients' rights to know act signed into law. [Read More]
Keeping youth focused on sports has been a positive influence in Seaside. [Read More]
Kids in Seaside have been hitting the court this week to get ready for the third annual Three on Three Basket Ball Tournament at Seaside... [Read More]
The opioid crisis is not going away. Treatment facilities in Monterey County are seeing the number of patients suffering from addiction continue to rise. [Read More]
September is National Recovery Month and treatment providers in Monterey County report the opioid crisis is far from over. [Read More]
California American Water released new numbers claiming it's worth $1 billion, and too expensive for the public to buy to make it a public utility. [Read More]
Monterey is looking forward to 2020 and celebrating its 250th birthday. [Read More]
Joe Arpaio, the man touted as 'America's Toughest Sheriff,' was greeted with boos from protesters and applause from supporters on Thursday in Carmel Valley. [Read More]
Otters tackle climate challenges by shoring up sea shores... [Read More]
"America's toughest sheriff" greeted by standing ovation and protests... [Read More]
The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute is keeping its finger on the pulse of climate change. [Read More]
When the U.S. Army closed Fort Ord in 90's, 3,500 blighted buildings were left behind. But removing them isn't easy. [Read More]
Parents are worried the tower could have negative impacts on their children's health. "We don't want our kids being the Guinea Pigs to find out... [Read More]
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